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Powered by technology-driven forensic intelligence and analytics, we help you reduce the risk of fraud, economic crime and disputes.

Build trust and emerge stronger

Sudden disruption can shake customer and stakeholder confidence. Whether you experience a data breach, fraud or a massive global crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, an unplanned event has the potential to inflict catastrophic harm to your organisation.

But managed skilfully, such upheaval can create opportunities for your business to emerge stronger. With PwC’s Forensics team as your trusted advisor, you’ll get back on track. And after critical events, we’ll work with you to manage risk and put safeguards in place to protect business value.

Our collaborative forensics approach helps you:

  • build agility, adaptability and resilience into your business
  • determine facts quickly and accurately
  • present credible solutions to your stakeholders
  • navigate and effectively manage a crisis
  • restore business value after an impasse
  • innovate and emerge stronger.

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PwC’s Global Crisis and Resilience Survey 2023

Businesses are operating in an environment that is in permacrisis – disruption is now the norm. In our latest Global Crisis and Resilience Survey, business leaders told us they had confidence in their ability to navigate a crisis. However, the findings reveal a confidence gap as many organisations do not have proper foundations in place.

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Services and solutions

Our forensics specialists help clients protect business value and recover from a crisis.

With decades of extensive industry experience supporting organisations through critical challenges, our teams of professionals provide concrete, actionable advice to design and guide strategy. Advanced technology powers a suite of proven tools and services. Forensics specialists and analysts apply battle-tested skills and knowledge.

The results: Recovery. Resilience. Opportunity.

Minimising and managing your reputational, regulatory and financial risk

Managing vast amounts of electronic data to navigate the legal and business processes

Providing intelligence services helping you effectively harness new opportunities

Helping you assess and strengthen your fraud defences

Act with confidence when dealing with disputes

Preparing your organisation for sustaining operations in a serious crisis

Protecting, maintaining and commercialising your rights

Experience-led advisory services to identify and mitigate financial crime risk

Analysing your transactions registered in a distributed ledger

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We help you reduce the risk of fraud, economic crime and disputes, protecting your business from financial and reputational damage.


A crisis can cause enormous risk to your brand, your people, your relationships — and your bottom line. We respond with speed and conviction to address the threat and help prevent further damage.

Emerge stronger

Managed well, a crisis can help your business develop immunity. We work with you to recover from current crises and to enhance your ability to learn and improve after an unplanned event.

“We work seamlessly with colleagues across the firm to maximise value for our clients and we can mobilise global, multi-disciplinary teams at short notice. Our regional profile also allows us to match competency and cost to your engagement needs.”

Gianfranco MautonePartner and Forensic Services and Financial Crime Leader, PwC Switzerland

In the spotlight

Our Forensics podcast series

How businesses respond to disruption determines their ability to recover and emerge stronger. In each episode of our series, “Emerge stronger through disruption,” PwC specialists explore the challenges and opportunities facing business leaders in today’s environment of global uncertainty.

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Financial Crime Managed Services

We provide financial crime solutions using a Managed Services model built around cutting-edge technologies including data analytics, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence. PwC Managed Services is deeper than a traditional outsourcing relationship, providing complex, long-term solutions in areas that require human judgment and subject matter expertise.

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Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide eDiscovery Services 2021 Vendor Assessment

According to the recent IDC MarketScape report, “PwC has created a unified platform [for eDiscovery Services] that can easily incorporate the best generally available tools for processing, review, analytics and more across the entire eDiscovery Reference Model (EDRM)". And, “PwC continues to devote solid resources to improvement and continued innovation” in eDiscovery Solutions.

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Food for thought

Getting to the root of the problem can mean working in remote local communities and digging deep. How? Forensics.

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Gianfranco Mautone

Gianfranco Mautone

Partner and Forensic Services and Financial Crime Leader, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 17 60

Ralf Baumberger

Ralf Baumberger

Partner, Forensic Services, TIS and Global Client Partner United Nations, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 17 63