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Executives in enterprises and organisations are being challenged more than ever to demonstrate responsibility and accountability alongside entrepreneurial leadership. Economic confrontations, digitalisation and climate change are bringing new levels of complexity to ventures in an unsettled global landscape. Accurate and reliable information is key to conducting business successfully in this environment.

Companies that operate internationally need intelligence: this means factual information to help you understand the political, economic, environmental and regulatory changes in unfamiliar places and how they will affect economic developments.

You also have to address the threat of corruption, which can take many forms, like bribery, embezzlement or money laundering. According to a statement by the U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres in December 2018, the global economy loses US$3.6 trillion to corruption every year. Countries are tightening the laws and cooperating across borders to counter corruption and its impact on the economy. Even if you’re drawn in unwittingly by fraudulent business partners acting in your name, you can face heavy fines and loss of reputation.

Another risk is that of cyber-criminals who target important personnel to get information to prepare cyber-attacks on businesses, or even physical attacks on employees, so they can gain access to mission-critical assets. Fake news and manipulative information are another growing threat to organisations, business leaders and society. They discredit accurate reporting and undermine trust in independent media, businesses and democracy. The Information Security Forum has warned about attackers trying to profit from spreading lies to discredit targeted companies or personalities.

The good news is that we can help you boost your corporate intelligence to counter the risks and harness the opportunities.

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How we work

Corporate Intelligence involves the systematic collection and analysis of information from different sources in response to the transparency needs of decision-makers, advisors or controllers faced with major corporate action, high-stake decisions, critical risks, reputation issues or other important situations. 

Open source intelligence

Our experienced analysts use professional practices of open source intelligence and specialised subscription databases to gather, validate and compile appropriate information on the relevant subjects. We consolidate information from different sources, detect false information, identify relationship networks, put information into a geo-political context and identify risk situations.

Computer-based tools

Our practices make use of computer-based tools to gather information automatically, monitor global risks, analyse data and create relationship maps, for instance.

Interdisciplinary approach

Depending on the objectives and scope of an assignment, we often follow an interdisciplinary approach, working closely with our PwC experts from other disciplines like Forensic Investigation, Financial Risk, Deals, Tax and Legal, Blockchain Solutions or Cyber Security.

Services and solutions

Our team provides a full range of Corporate Intelligence services and offers research and analysis services globally to promote transparency. We help organisations through the following services:

We help you mitigate risks to build trust in your new business relationships.

Checking the economic status of third parties.

Checking third parties for ESG risks.

Checking the relevance of business partners.

Verifying employees for crucial positions.

Political and economic market and risk analyses.

Company fact books

We help clients track the status of their debtors’ assets.

Monitoring for discrediting media.

Building screening functions into business processes.

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“We support organisations operating in global markets by providing them with intelligence services for their relevant subjects and helping them effectively harness and protect new opportunities.”

Pierre KilianDirector, Forensic Services, PwC Switzerland

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PwC Corporate Intelligence Services

We’re a team of analysts and experts in the fields of media, politics, investigation and information technology, with in-depth knowledge of finance, tax, anti-money laundering, corruption, FCPA/PEP compliance and offshoring. Thanks to the diversity of our staff, we cover almost all major economic regions. Our clients come from financial services and industry as well as the energy, pharmaceutical, sports and charity sectors.

Our Corporate Intelligence business is part of a global network of over 3,000 forensic staff located in more than 70 countries, providing you with access to a broad network of industry and in-country specialists.

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Pierre Kilian

Pierre Kilian

Director, Forensic Services, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 26 88

Stephan Teiwes

Stephan Teiwes

Senior Manager, Forensic Services, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 27 96