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Compensation Management & System

Remuneration – reward performance, simply and effectively

Companies are all unique – and so are their compensation systems. If it’s to do what it’s meant to do, any compensation system should be a good fit with the company’s strategy. A well balanced compensation system helps to motivate staff and to foster loyalty to the company, which at the same time can position the company as an attractive employer when seeking out new talent.

A key success factor is communication and transparency of compensation and incentive schemes in order to ensure it is comprehensible for employees.

We’ve already supported many companies from every sector – ranging from start-ups to listed multinationals – with their compensation systems, every step along the way from strategic development to actually being rolled out. We aim to work together with you in devising and setting up a compensation system that meets your specific needs while being in line with your corporate strategy.

Contact us if you...

  • are interested in bringing your compensation system into line with your corporate strategy
  • want to understand which compensation system might be best suited to your company
  • would like to bring in or modify certain compensation elements (whether bonus systems or employee share plans) 
  • wish to review your present compensation system by comparing the amount and structure of the compensation with that available in the systems used by comparable organisations (benchmarking)
  • are looking to adapt your existing performance management system or to bring in a new one in order to secure the link with the compensation system 
  • are considering job grading using the PwC STRATA method or wish to check the consistency of your existing system
  • need support in dealing with country-specific compliance issues affecting your compensation plans (whether bonus systems or employee share plans)
  • are keen to make sure that all your employees, irrespective of gender, enjoy equal compensation (EQUAL-SALARY certification)

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Jose Marques

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