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Finance Transformation

By transforming your finance function, you’ll make your entire business more future-proof.

We’ll help you use your data to make the right decisions for that crucial difference in turbulent times. Trust in transformation.

Adding value. Day by day. 

Digital disruption is profoundly changing the finance function. And stakeholders are increasingly expecting you to deliver forward-looking insight. In this rapidly changing landscape the question isn’t whether you need to transform − it’s where you need to start. 

Meaningful transformation starts with asking the right questions. Is now the right time? How do I upskill my team? Is the finance function ready to be a catalyst for transformation for the business?

We will help get you from where you’re at now to a finance function that adds value to your business. Day by day.

Start your transformation

Finance Transformation steps

How finance transformation benefits the whole business

Wherever you are on the journey, an investment in transforming your finance function will make life more rewarding – for both the finance team and the business as a whole.

Until now you’ve been a scorekeeper. You now have the chance to transform your finance function into a true business enabler, able to predict the future, interpret the numbers, and add value to the business rather than simply making sure the figures are reported correctly.

Start anywhere, finish first: by beginning in the areas where it makes most sense, we minimise the disruption to your organisation and maximise the value for your business.

Adopt an 8-fold end-to-end operating model for finance transformation

To help steer the transformation, we have built on PwC’s experience with finance departments all over the world to develop a target operating model (TOM). It’s a powerful tool that addresses not only finance in its entirety, but also the way it functions within the business as a whole.

  • Modular Steering drives the finance function’s new role
  • Adaptive Operating Model keeps the transformation framework evolving in the right direction
  • Flexible Enabler helps manage and mesh the finance team’s most precious resources

Finance teams can get thinking in the right direction by challenging their own assumptions. Download our "Transform from backward-looking scorekeeper to forward-looking business partner" presentation for some useful questions to ask.

Future of Finance - Target Operating Model

Explore the building blocks

Coming soon

Steering Model
Performance Management
Technology and Data

The transformation in 7 steps

Start anywhere. Finish first.

Wherever you are on the journey, we’ve designed our finance transformation solution to help you tailor and accelerate your transformation on the basis of your people, process and performance goals.

It consists of seven offerings addressing the crucial components of finance transformation: people, processes and performance.


Finance Workforce of the Future

Modern Finance Workplaces


Process Excellence & Automation

Risk & Regulatory

Preconfigured Cloud ERP


Connected Self-Service Data

Performance Excellence

Your finance transformation starts here.

Contact us to start adding value – day by day.


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Julie Fitzgerald Wieland

Julie Fitzgerald Wieland

Partner and Leader Finance Transformation and Growth & Markets, PwC Switzerland

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Sebastian di Paola

Partner and Leader Corporate Treasury Solutions, PwC Switzerland

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Maurice-Oliver Nipper

Advisory Director, PwC Switzerland

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Darioush Zirakzadeh

Director, Strategy and Transformation, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 83 22