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More than ever before, individuals and their families raise concerns on the preservation of what they have gained and what they will acquire in the future through either their business activities or heritages.

Wealthy individuals not only seek confidence in relation to their assets and businesses operations, but they seek to secure their assets in the long-term.

This not only goes in line with an increased attention to the political, legal and economic environment of the country of residency. But families also consider the way succession is planned as a high priority.

PwC has a long tradition of advising Swiss and international private clients, families, entrepreneurs and family offices with complex wealth and asset situation on matters relating to legal planning, investment structuring and tax.

By combining private client and corporate practices, PwC had a unique approach to structure your personal estate with a view to preserve and enhance your wealth now and for the next generation.

We listen to our clients’ individual needs, offer our experience and use our network of national and international specialists to develop custom made solutions.

Family Offices are high in demand. Our podcast series focuses on a range of major topics that concern family entrepreneurs: owner strategy, setting up a Family Office, asset management and much more.

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Our services for wealthy individuals, families & entrepreneurs

Asset structuring

For personal and business assets alike – the right structure is critical

  • We advise and support you in the planning and implementation of national and international structures for your private assets, such as real estate, jewellery, artworks, yachts and aircraft.
  • We advise you in the planning process and help you to implement national and international structures for your business assets, such as holding structures, trading, manufacturing and service companies, and private equity investments.
  • We develop an optimised, long-term tax strategy for your family and your business.
  • We advise you on the prevention and resolution of legal and tax risks and represent you before the tax authorities and tax courts.

Asset protection

Protect your assets

  • We advise and support you in the planning and implementation of classic asset-protection structures, such as trusts and foundations.
  • We show you how you can separate your business and personal assets thereby protecting them against risks.
  • We advise you on selecting a risk-limited structure for your entrepreneurial activities.
  • We help you to draft nuptial and inheritance agreements.

Succession planning

Plan your succession in good time

  • We support you in taking stock of where you are with a view to potential succession strategies, including the economic and tax aspects, and also your financial, legal and family circumstances.
  • We work very closely with you to devise the optimal succession arrangement for you and your business.
  • We advise you on implementing this solution once developed and support you through all the ensuing tasks.

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Estate planning

Timely estate planning

  • We analyse your objectives and needs in a solo workshop.
  • We produce a an actual vs. target comparison and conduct a risk/benefit analysis in light of the status quo, flag up where there is a need for action and suggest possible alternatives.
  • We support you in implementing the chosen solution.

Family offices

Protecting and growing your family’s assets

  • Family assets are protected by ensuring they are optimally structured from a legal and regulatory angle.
  • Communication between family members is improved, enabling important issues – from the business’s values and purpose right through to critical investment decisions – to be discussed within the family.
  • Coherent governance for the management of family assets is assured by defining suitable processes for the management of the assets.
  • Family members are relieved of administrative duties through personalised financial management and protection of privacy.

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Global families and entrepreneurs

Cross-border planning and coordination

  • We provide advice and support on relocation
  • We provide advice and support on international social security and pension matters.
  • We provide advice and support on international estate-duty and inheritance tax matters.
  • We provide advice and support on cross-border business matters, such as the establishment of new locations, offshoring and acquisitions.

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