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US Individual tax compliance and consulting advice within the heart of Europe and in Switzerland

Every year, increased reporting requirements are being implemented for U.S. citizens residing overseas, creating a real risk that the average individual who may be unaware of the U.S. worldwide tax regime runs afoul of severe failure to file penalties. With FATCA imposing a significant disclosure burden and the IRS’ delegated authority to enforce these requirements, it is vital for U.S. taxpayers abroad to ensure the completeness and accuracy of their U.S. tax forms prepared by competent CPAs and IRS Enrolled Agents while coordinating with our Swiss and European counterparts for the optimal tax strategies.

Our US Tax Services

We support foreign individuals that invest in a US trade or business that generate income that is effectively connected to the US. Whether this be private equity investments or investments in Publicly traded Partnerships. 

Our team of U.S. Certified Public Accountants will handle all of your annual tax compliance needs from the preparation of federal and state individual income tax returns, gift tax returns, estate tax returns, domestic and foreign trust tax accounting and tax returns, small business income tax returns.

We assist individuals who no longer wish to maintain their US citizenship or green card. Our private client team guides our clients from the initial thought through the final tax return. 

Our team supports the preparation of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts Reporting forms (FBARs/FinCEN 114), foreign disregarded entity, foreign partnership and foreign corporation information returns for US individual owners. We also assist with income tax planning for business owners and advice on how to efficiently own a foreign entity.

We support U.S. citizens to become compliant through the Offshore Streamlined Procedures.

We are Certified IRS Acceptance Agents and we can help you obtain an ITIN so long as you qualify. 

We help our clients with gift and estate tax planning services for both U.S. citizens with foreign assets and cross-border issues, including the preparation of the relevant gift and estate tax forms. As well as foreign individuals holding U.S. assets subject to potential U.S. gift and estate tax.

We can assist with income and estate tax planning advice for foreign nationals with U.S. assets (e.g. U.S. investment accounts or U.S. real estate), any residual US tax return filings, pre-arrival planning for the foreign national moving to the United States (temporary or indefinitely).

Our team is authorized to represent individuals with federal and state tax notices or federal and state tax audits/examinations. 

Our skilled team in Zurich specializes in assisting individuals with the intricacies of PFIC (Passive Foreign Investment Company) regulations. We provide expert guidance in identifying PFICs and managing their complex tax consequences. Our services are designed to achieve accurate compliance and advantageous tax strategies for clients dealing with PFIC tax challenges. Rely on PwC for all-encompassing PFIC reporting and advisory services, customized to meet your specific requirements.

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