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A family business is a generational project. This means not only that several generations are involved but also that it is intended to operate successfully through the generations. Influencing factors like the market, competition, target groups, opportunities, risks, strengths and weaknesses combine with another key parameter: the family.

Succession planning is one of the owner’s biggest and most difficult tasks. We’ll help you overcome it. Not only does this involve deciding on the right model and the right candidate or candidates, but also finding suitable solutions for knowledge sharing and for financing. And, above all, it involves early planning.

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It's never too early to secure your future

Pension provision in family businesses

Pensions are a key issue for owners of family businesses. We’ll be happy to discuss aspects like family governance, succession planning and family offices with you. We can show you why an ownership strategy is so vital and what you need to do to create one.

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Is succession planning becoming an issue?

Then the first thing to do is think about these ten questions. And talk to us about them.

What’s my vision for the company?
What will I be doing in five years, in ten years?
Is our company able to deal with succession – or do we need to make changes to do this?
How do we safeguard family cohesion and our entrepreneurial spirit?
Who from the family should take on what roles in the future?
What does the family expect from the company and what does the company expect from the family?
What should we do in succession planning if there are no successors or too many candidates?
What future form of leadership fits our family model?
What’s the profile of the successor?
What do the financing, valuation, tax and legal situations look like?

The right succession solution

The succession process is intensive – and groundbreaking at the same time. We’re happy to support you in the planning and implementation of your individual succession solution – at individual stages or throughout the entire process.


  • company addresses the topic of succession planning
  • initial exchange of ideas with all stakeholders
  • initial consideration of the time frame
  • strengthening expertise on the board
  • selection of consultant

Situation and option analysis

  • business and risk analysis
  • needs of the company
  • analysis of private and family circumstances
  • make fundamental decision (outside or within the family)
  • initial transfers of value


  • structuring of succession process
  • adoption of plan of action
  • within the family: selection and development of successor
  • outside the family: implementation of measures to achieve the company’s readiness for sale


  • execution of the planned steps
  • handover of management responsibility to successor, securing financing and transfer of ownership
  • outside the family: start sale process

Bei welchen Themen wir Familienunternehmen begleiten

Familie, Nachfolge und Vermögen orchestrieren: Überlassen Sie es nicht dem Zufall, wie sich Ihr Familienunternehmen entwickelt. Als erfahrene Experten zur Begleitung Ihrer Fragen rund um die Themen Family Governance, Inhaberstrategie und Family Office stehen wir an Ihrer Seite. Gemeinsam mit Ihnen erarbeiten wir eine Lösung, die alle relevanten Aspekte Ihrer Gegenwart und Zukunft vernetzt.

Inhaberstrategie mit PwC

Family Governance

Family governance enables you to define your code of values as well as the rules your family must adhere to in dealing with one another and with conflicts. You determine how to promote cohesion, how to deal with conflicts and how to integrate the next generation.

Family Governance with PwC

Nachfolgeplanung mit PwC

Succession planning

Setting up targeted succession planning in advance allows you to map out how the next generation will take over and include everyone in the process. This includes solutions for tax, legal and financial aspects.                                                                        

Succession planning with PwC

Family Office mit PwC

Family Office

Together or alone? On your own or getting help from third parties? Non-profit, family or individual? A family office enables you to answer these questions and sustainably manage your personal, family and company assets.                                     

Family Office with PwC

PwC NextGen & YoungLeaders Club for family businesses

NextGen & YoungLeaders Club

Within the framework of this exclusive platform, young and aspiring entrepreneurs meet in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. It’s a place where they can exchange ideas, enjoy a shared experience and expand their entrepreneurial network. The PwC NextGen & YoungLeaders Club has over 100 members from family businesses.

More about the NextGen Club

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NextGen & YoungLeaders Club

Family Business Podcast

In our podcast series we focus on a range of major topics that concern the family entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow.

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Familienunternehmen Publikationen


Read more about ownership strategy in our numerous publications.

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Pleased to assist you

We’ll advise and assist you with anything from strategy to succession planning to asset structuring, regardless of size, markets or ownership/management structures. Talk to us about the things that are keeping you awake at night.

Inhaberstrategie mit PwC
Norbert Kühnis  

Family Business & Middle Market Leader, member of the management team, PwC Switzerland 

Inhaberstrategie mit PwC
Marco Tremonte

Managing Director Corporate Finance / M&A, Family Business & Middle Market, PwC Switzerland


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