Succession Plan

Succession planning – better planning

Succession planning – better planning

Successful entrepreneurs tend to be clever strategists and skillful planners. But even they understand one key decision represents a special challenge: the succession. Generational change has become increasingly complex in recent decades, both from a legal and financial perspective.

That makes it even more important for you to address the topic with the right partners at an early stage. We can support you throughout your business succession.



Our succession planning services

Define aims

Family-owned companies often strive to keep the business ownership in family hands. But over the years many companies will have grown and become more complex. The key questions are: How appropriate will such a handover within the family be? How should the company's future look like? What are the aims of the current owners, and what aims might a future owner envisage? We will work with you to find the best answer.

First steps

When arranging a succession you face unique challenge which should be addressed early together with an experienced consultant at your side. A systematic preparation, a coherent strategy, and some thoroughly considered first steps will help you pathing your way.

Succession within the family

Most owners want to transfer their business to a family member – a conventional internal family succession. In this case, qualitative and emotional aspects are usually most important.

You may be reluctant to burden your successor with economic reality. Our experienced experts can support you with professional objectivity and a structured approach.

Succession outside of the family

A solution outside of the family can occur for a number of reasons: Either your children are not interested in taking over your business, or there might not be suitable candidates among your family and employee. Perhaps you do not want to leave your business to your children to protect them from an uncertain future. In any case, with our support you will be able to approach the sale of your business in a focused and methodical fashion.

Fundamental taxes and legislation

The legal and fiscal frameworks are among the most important aspects of corporate succession. Potential pitfalls could affect your well-deserved reward. Therefore, it's important to check all the tax and legal details at an early stage. This will increase your sale prospects and your potential return, as well as avoiding tax risks.


Many business owners will wonder how a succession should be financed. The respective options of equity and debt financing should be carefully considered and primarily evaluated in the light of the key financial principles profitability, liquidity, risk and flexibility.

At your side

There are many good reasons to rely on us for your succession planning.

We have extensive experience: Our consultants have successfully supported many different successions. Therefore, we can advise you on every phase of the succession process.


In-depth analysis
We conduct a thorough analysis of your company and create a professional sales documentation. We will plan the sale process from A to Z and take care of all the technical details.


We will work with you to select potential buyers carefully. In order to control the flow of information, we only release sales documents upon completion of a signed confidentiality agreement.


Price optimisation
Together with you, we select the most attractive prospects and conduct a controlled, discretely managed sales process. Our goal is to sell your business at the best possible price. However, we will also consider further aspects that are important to you.


Transaction security
We ensure the entire sale process is focused and goal-oriented, and will conduct negotiations with several prospective buyers.


Lower management burden
Our sale process is designed to affect your daily business as little as possible. Thus, we will relieve your management team by providing our support in all relevant areas.


Package solution
In addition to the actual sale, we will also clarify tax and legal issues. As experts in a comprehensive range of professional services, we have the expertise to handle these details.

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