Retirement & Pension Consulting

Providing benefits that work for you and your employees

Pension plans can have a major impact on the financial results of companies and pose long-term risks to their sponsors and employees. Getting the right pension design can also make a difference in the war for talent: research suggests flexibility and choice are important parts of an effective pension offering. Reorganising or redesigning plans can be a complex and multi-dimensional process where you need a full range of skills to implement change.

Local regulations also need to be followed: pension plans are mandatory for Swiss employers but there are multiple design options and providers to choose from. Compliance with pension fund regulations is proving increasingly burdensome, while governance and transparency are constantlyin the headlines.

PwC Switzerland is accredited by the Supervisory Commission for Occupational Pensions (OAK BV/CHS PP) to act as a pension fund expert for Swiss pension funds. Our retirement and pension consulting team has actuaries, lawyers, accountants and economists bringing a broad range of expertise in various fields.

Contact us if:

  • You want to increase the value offered by your pension plan.
  • You want to bring your pension plan into line with the strategic objectives of your remuneration policy.
  • You need a valuation of your pension plan for financial reporting purposes.
  • You need better control over the management of your pension plans either locally or globally, including how they impact your financial reporting.
  • You are looking to reorganise your pension fund set-up and governance.
  • You want to evaluate the international aspects (including tax) of your pension plan, specifically for cross-border workers.

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Kristi Leibur-Nagel

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Adrian Jones

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