People Analytics, People Insights & HR Metrics

Unlock the power of your workforce through data.

Apply data analytics to people related matters to benefit your company and your workforce. People Analytics combines all HR-data in your organisation. Our advanced analysis provides you with reliable information on which you can base your strategic workforce decision making.

Contact us if...

  • You want interesting insights into your workforce and visualisation of your data.
  • You want to address important challenges within your organisation. Managing sick leave, optimising compensation packages and predicting employee turnover are just a few examples of the extensive possibilities.
  • You want help with accessing, collecting and organising your data.


"50% of CEOs use data analytics to find, develop and keep people in their organisation."

CEO Survey 2016

How we can help

HR Metrics & Insights

Technological developments have drastically improved the availability of HR data. We improve HR metrics reporting by offering dashboarding solutions, helping to identify key HR KPIs that are aligned with the business strategy and advising on how to create value with the available HR data.


What we offer

  • HR Dashboard Solutions
  • PwC People KPIs
  • HR Function Analytics
  • HR Benchmarking
  • Cloud HR Data Analytics advisory

Advanced People Analytics

  • We help optimise personnel costs and increase efficiency and effectiveness using advanced analytics and mathematical approaches, including optimisation techniques as conjoint analyses, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.
  • We focus on business issues, queries and imperatives that are identified as risks or opportunities.
  • We help use a data driven approach to improve HR and business performance.

What we offer

  • Total Reward Analytics
  • Sustainable Employability
  • Global Mobility Analytics
  • Diversity & Inclusion Analysis
  • Employee Turnover Management

HR Information Strategy

Data leads to information, information leads to knowledge and knowledge leads to better business.

  • We help to align the HR information strategy with the business strategy, business wide information strategy and HR strategy.
  • We design and implement HR Analytics Capability.
  • We organise, govern and structure data effectively whilst ensuring compliance with regulations (GDPR, data privacy) and mitigating risks (data protection and data security).

What we offer

  • HR Information Management Strategy & Processes
  • Data Architecture, Risk & Compliance
  • HR Analytics Capability Design

Based on in-depth process knowledge combined with high levels of data science and technical expertise, PwC offers a broad variety of tools, techniques and partnerships with product vendors to enable the application of all of our People Analytics services.

What we offer

  • Benchmark your People KPI’s with Payroll Benchmarks or Saratoga insights
  • Retrieve additional data (and information) from your organisation with our Data Survey tools (including Conjoint Analysis)
  • Create structural insight in your HR information with HR Dashboarding and reporting solutions
  • Predictive and Prescriptive analysis of your workforce (including current insights and what-if scenarios) with our Strategic Workforce Planning (approach & tool)
  • Find answers in your data with Deep Data Dives based on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Gamification and mathematical algorithms.


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Linda Vos

Linda Vos

Senior Manager, People Analytics, PwC Switzerland

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Tobias Sattler

Tobias Sattler

Managing Director, People & Organisation, PwC Switzerland

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