Does personnel data always make you think of actual humans?

Amendments to the law, new regulations, requirements for human resources work and payroll accounting: every day brings on new tasks to be tackled. We can support you in this, regardless of whether you only have a few members of staff or several thousand.

Tap into our knowledge, our long-standing experience and our broad vision of simple as well as complex issues locally, Swiss-wide or in an international context. Our solutions are flexible – whatever your current requirements, we will adjust our range to match them.

Digital HR

Digitisation also poses a number of challenges for HR. With the latest software solutions and our broad expertise, we help you to meet the demands of HR digitisation.

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Our services in human resources


We offer a broad range of services: from standard packages to tailor-made solutions. We take the weight off your shoulders with our outsourcing solutions, we engage in your business, think ahead and inform you of any legal developments on an on-going basis. With us, you will not just have another service partner at your side; we are a flexible competence hub without long-term contractual obligations.

Your benefits when working with us:

  • Clean documentation for audits and reviews
  • Integrated data flows from and to third-party systems
  • Web solutions
  • Special reports
  • Personnel files

Our services to you:

  • Implementing your payroll accounting
  • Payroll processing
  • Payroll administration
  • Personnel administration
  • Additional outsourcing services

Special solutions:

  • Management salaries
  • Remuneration of the board of directors
  • ANobAG payroll accounting
  • Expatriate payroll accounting
  • Shadow payroll accounting
  • Calculation of net guaranteed salary components
  • Settlement of employee equity instruments
  • International payroll coordination
  • Special case computations
Body Leasing

If, for whatever reason, some of your key staff can’t carry out their duties, this may result in critical gaps.

We are able to support your teams on site in HR, payroll or personnel administration matters by drawing on our network of experts, whether it be nationally or internationally. This way, you will be able to bridge costly staffing gaps, and remain flexible.


Payroll consulting as an overall approach

Whether in the context of labour law, contractual law, social insurance, migration or tax law – we have strong expertise in all of these areas and think and act with an entire network in the background to benefit you. This means we will always consider additional, relevant areas when consulting on a specific subject matter, and it enables us to offer legally fully compliant and practical solutions. We are also able to support you in implementing relevant processes in your existing or future HR and financial software environment.

Payroll review and employer compliance

We support you in every aspect: from analysis to risk classification to assessing your optimisation and savings potential. And you'll benefit from our experience and our useful practical tips.

Are you dealing with one of the following topics?

  • Changing providers
  • Audit of OASI/Suva or withholding tax
  • Expansion abroad
  • Employees from or stationed abroad
  • Effectiveness of your processes and controls

Payroll processing

Organisations with modern payroll processes are able to minimise their risks. By constantly integrating new legal developments and requirements in their systems, you will save both time and money. We will support you on both a subject matter level and on a software level.

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HR documentation

Human resources work is impacted by a number of legal provisions. There is no conclusive guidance in relevant literature as to how HR processes should be documented. This is where we can provide the necessary support.

Labour law, contractual law, human resources regulations

The provisions in respect to HR work are manifold. The structure of a contract will vary according to the size of a company, its scope of action and its industry. We are a practice-orientated team and have direct access to relevant lawyers, making us the ideal support in this matter. We tailor contracts, regulations and brochures to your needs or review them for their adequacy. Read more

Consulting with your needs in mind:

  • Consulting for companies and individuals
    We offer you a range of different services, from cost-effective standard packages to solutions specifically tailored to your business. Whatever your choice is, you will be able to save additional expenses for specialists, and you'll keep abreast of latest changes in the law or the use of state-of-the art technology
  • Consulting for fiduciary
    Do you need advice or an exchange of ideas regarding special cases in your clientele? We offer our support also in this area, guaranteeing confidentiality at all times.
  • Consulting for software manufacturers and developers
    The development of payroll processing software is your expert area, while ours is the content know-how. Seize this teamwork opportunity; together is an easier, faster and better way to reach the goal and embrace success!
Implementation of IT solutions

To keep you flexible on a digital level, we plan and implement an Abacus payroll/HR solution for you, including Qlik, a business intelligence solution for analyses. This will all be closely integrated into your IT environment and processes. Input and output via web or mobile devices will further support your own mobility and that of your employees.

Training and education

Human resources work is directly and indirectly determined by approximately 160 standards. We work with them on a daily basis, focusing on payroll accounting and personnel administration for those in the practice.

We offer you the following, either at your offices or ours:

  • Individual and corporate group training courses or workshops
  • Half-day or all-day seminars
  • Specialized seminars
  • Course materials

As an HR professional, you know: In human resources, a lot of things are running digitally. Here you need digital solutions that provide targeted support. Because you want to edit your personal data at any time. For example, with our modular Web Accounting.

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Salary certificate and supporting documents, expenses regulations

We have complied the most important documents regarding the salary certificate.

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Withholding tax

This is where you find all relevant information and documents on withholding tax.

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Social security

Tap into our knowledge of the Swiss social security system to fulfil your duties as employer.

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Domestic and international staff leasing

We support you for an analysis of your current situation and in all enquiries with relevant authorities, as well as in all practical aspects of staff leasing.

Employee share plans

We handle the implementation of the law on employee equity. Our practice-orientated approach helps you get rid of stumbling blocks and implement changes smoothly.

PwC HR-Update

The latest HR developments, relevant innovations and decisions in the areas of wage statements, withholding tax, training and further education, FABI and ExpaV can be found in the following documents.


PwC's Treuhand Blog - the latest facts and news about trustee services

A lot is happening every day in the fiduciary sector, both in Switzerland and worldwide. This expert blog informs you about the latest news, interesting facts and practical information on the topics of accounting, payroll, taxes, business applications and digital transformation.

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Our events and technical seminars

Bring your technical know-how up to date and tap into our specialists’ expertise.

We offer a variety of training and education and free information events on social security, withholding tax, work permits, labour law, tax and human resources work.

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