International Development

Providing global solutions with local resources

Our team's mission

Climate change, food insecurity, global health issues, poverty and instability are some of the key challenges facing the international community today. These crises are becoming more complex and pose a unique threat to the world’s poorest and most vulnerable. This requires innovative and effective responses from the global donor community. 

Our multicultural team helps actors across the development spectrum to design transparent, effective and efficient systems and processes to achieve their objectives. Working from our strategic base at the doorstep of the international development space in Geneva – we cooperate with our extensive network to provide global solutions with local resources and achieve immediate impact on the ground.

How we can help

Financial and programmatic monitoring services and ongoing implementation support

Managed by the ID team, PwC’s teams on the ground monitor and evaluate your programmes according to your organisation’s needs.

Risk management workshops

We assist and facilitate risk management workshops in the context of donor funding and can work with you to set up remedial action plans.


Facilitation of partnerships and governance arrangements

We help you facilitate cooperation with different stakeholders and achieve the goals of your organisational partnership through numerous services.

Grant management services

We draw upon our established good practices to help you optimise your grant management through customised approaches, solutions and tangible recommendations.

Cost-benefit analysis

We engage in cost-benefit analyses to support informed and effective strategy formulation and decision-making.

Strategy development

We develop various strategies. These include organisational and fundraising strategies, value propositions as well as business and action plans.

Impact evaluation

We help you assess your short and long-term impact to facilitate informed decision-making.

By helping international development actors maximise the impact for beneficiaries and fulfil stakeholders’ expectations, we live PwC’s mission of building trust in society and solving important problems every day.

Yvan Serret, Partner International Development Team

Our team's reach

Our team is truly international, with experts from Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America ready to support you in more than ten languages.

We think ahead and support the international development community with innovative solutions and a large global network of circa 3,000 international development professionals around the world.

The map shows the countries with which we at PwC’s International Development Team bring work experience on our projects.

Contact us

Yvan Serret

Yvan Serret

Partner, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 92 28

Marie-Laure Konate

Marie-Laure Konate

Director, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 98 71