Workforce Planning & Optimisation

Enabling organisations to attract, engage and retain key talent.

With up to 85% of costs tied up in people, organisations need to be better placed to predict strategic and operational requirements and allocate resources accordingly.

By understanding the needs of the business throughout the employee life cycle from attraction through to how to retain, motivate, train and develop and engage, our workforce capability services ensures that the organisation has the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time and at the right cost.

Our approach

  • helps organisations to right-size their workforce to better address immediate and emerging business challenges;
  • enables organisations to be proactive about filling talent gaps;
  • provides talent solutions to mergers, divestitures and on-going organisational change; and
  • improves organisations’ ability to re-skill and deploy resources in new and emerging markets.


How we can help

We help our clients realise and discover the potential of their people through an integrated approach across the following key areas:

Too often, organisations do not make the connection between their recruiting pipeline, succession plans, business strategy changes, and other business factors impacting on talent. Each is treated separately, leading to an ad hoc approach to managing talent and reactive fire-fighting by HR functions. Strategic workforce planning, which encompasses capability and capacity planning, enables organisations to be proactive about talent management and deployment.

Organisations face fierce competition in the acquisition of talent. A deep understanding of future talent and recruitment needs rather than a reactive approach to immediate recruitment requirements is key to successful recruitment and talent acquisition.

We work with clients to support all aspects of their talent management strategies including recruitment function transformation and data analytics to better understand and predict recruitment/talent acquisition needs.

Effective performance management is crucial to ensuring that individual performance is oriented at the overall organisational goals. We believe that robust performance management can offer benefits that are critically appealing to millennial workers and other stakeholders. These include career paths that offer a wide range of opportunities, differentiated reward and recognition outcomes, and a culture of high performance and real-time feedback.

Performance management is an organisation specific challenge. Some will already have robust processes in place, others may need to do some tweaking, while others may need a more radical overhaul. We work with clients across all stages of their performance management journey.

The process of identifying specific individuals who will backfill roles in the event of a departure is another critical step in proactively managing the workforce. Organisations that dedicate time and effort to succession planning are able to identify a strong pool of talent ready to fill short and medium-term needs. In addition, organisations are increasingly using predictive analytics to plan for roles that do not even exist today.

We work with clients to identify key talent and build succession plans at the top levels of the organisation, as well as down through the ranks in critical roles, and work with them to link this process into existing talent processes to ensure an integrated talent strategy.

Workforces are changing and becoming increasingly sophisticated in their learning requirements. Organisations require responsive, on- and off-the-job, distinctive and mobile learning solutions.

We have a dedicated team of L&D experts who have wealth of experience both in developing the approach and content for learning curricula and in the selections of technology platforms and providers. We help clients think through innovative new solutions – such as how to leverage cost-effective solutions such as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) – and apply them to the rapidly evolving workforce. We assist clients in developing the required workforce skills and behaviours to deliver business objectives by identifying and building targeted learning and development interventions.

Contact us if:

  • You are wondering how to grow your business and what capabilities you need.
  • Your are expanding into new markets/territories and are looking at what key skills you need to support this.
  • You want to know what workforce you need now and in the future, and where you need them.
  • You want to discuss how you can build agility into your workforce to provide for long-term success.
  • You want to improve the way you attract, retain, develop and engage the workforce you need.
  • You have to drive down ‘people’ costs in your business.


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