HR in Deals

Delivering deal value through people.

As organisations are faced with a rapidly transforming business environment, they are looking to deals to find the right mix of talented people, technology and ideas to drive innovation and power up growth. Deals can be a complex process - failure to secure talent can vastly diminish value. Compensation and benefit plans, including pensions, can put value at risk during the process. Leaner HR structures within organisations create the need for experienced HR professionals who can step in to support you throughout the deal process and beyond to ensure that you are achieving your corporate objectives.

Contact us if...

  • Your company is involved in or planning a merger, acquisition, carve-out, integration, sale or IPO and you want to maximise the value of your deal through HR.
  • You need professional advice on people related issues, including liabilities, costs and risk, when your company is involved in a deal or strategic business transformation or restructuring.
  • You want a single advisor to have line of sight over all of your people related issues during times of critical change and pressure on the organisation.

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Kristi  Leibur-Nagel

Kristi Leibur-Nagel

Director, People and Organisation, PwC Switzerland

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Adrian Jones

Adrian Jones

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