Leadership & Organisational Culture

Empowering your people to transform

Leading transformation

Organisations do not change, but people do. As a result, organisations start to change when their leaders start to transform. If leaders are aware of their own values and behaviour, and the resulting impact on others, this can serve as a catalyst for cultural change and transformation. Leaders need to be agile, aware and responsible in order manage the - often - countless strategic transformations encountered by organisations.

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  • To improve compatibility between strategic ambitions and operational execution, when it comes to your board of directors, division or departments, or the top managers within your company.
  • To design and implement value-based transformation aimed at taking responsibility for current results and your future legacy.
  • To learn and develop in order to better manage the organisation and be conscious about the development of employees.

Organisational Culture 

Create an organisational culture that supports your strategy and conveys what you stand for. Recognise the DNA of your organisation – in terms of individual values and environmental factors that influence behaviour – and create momentum towards desired behaviour.

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  • If your culture is not appropriately supported by your vision and strategy.
  • If external stakeholders keep a critical eye on your culture.

How we can help

Our approach

Support in designing, implementing, managing and supporting the development of your leaders

PwC has various ways to help you with the development of leadership in your organisation. Here are a few examples of the services we offer:

  • A tailor-made leadership programme aimed at improving the skills of leaders so that your strategy can be implemented. This may include personal value assessments, team dynamics, dilemma sessions, storytelling, evaluating interests of external stakeholders, self-management and agile leadership.
  • During the transformation programme, your leaders and/or the team responsible for your future organisation will be given effective on-the-job coaching. This coaching is aimed at improving performance, developing the new organisation and improving the use of new processes for self-management and cooperation.
  • Support when performing individual and team assessments as a benchmark for leadership development programmes.
  • Observation of coach leaders in their daily activities in order to anchor desired behaviour into the organisation and provide an insight into the results of the leadership development programme.


Our approach is characterised by:

  • Focus on individuals and their leadership roles within transformations;
  • Tailor-made interventions, where participants follow a route that suits their specific development needs and leadership skills;
  • Compatibility with the (daily) activities of managers, which involves learning on-the-job and not just in isolation;
  • Commitment between managers to share their leadership issues, thus continuously learning from and with each other.
  • Focus on the dual role played by managers: developing personally and being role models for, and assisting, the development of employees


Create an insight into culture and behaviour

  • Perform a baseline measurement for your organisation's culture/DNA.
  • Create awareness about the purpose and values of your organisation.
  • Examine the preferences of your stakeholders.
  • Identify Moments that Matter, where culture and behaviour have a major impact on results.
  • Use an integrated cultural dashboard when reporting to stakeholders.

Create momentum for cultural transformation

  • Encourage behaviour required for Moments that Matter.
  • Provide training about the code of conduct and ethical behaviour.
  • Use storytelling, create experiences via interventions and communicate.
  • Ensure ‘soul’-inspiration, system embedding and stamina.
  • Use a quantitative measurement to examine the effects of interventions.
  • Implement leadership development based on purpose and values.


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