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Assuring a secure and prosperous future by helping you navigate complex financial, regulatory and technological challenges

In an increasingly uncertain world we’re constantly reminded of the crucial role of trust – trust in businesses, in authorities, and in our ability as a society to resolve unprecedented challenges. We at PwC have made building this trust our core business.

Part of this is auditing the financial statements of organisations to give stakeholders assurance that their accounts are trustworthy. In a tech-driven business environment where the nature of risk is evolving all the time, providing reliable assurance requires constant effort and investment in people, skills and technology. No one works harder on these things than we do.

But assurance doesn’t end with the audit. Organisations also need to be able to trust their data and their ability to flourish in a complex and rapidly evolving technology, risk and regulatory environment. We offer services to help them do just that, as well as guiding them through transforming their financial functions and meeting ever tighter governance, sustainability and transparency standards.

Alex Astolfi, Partner and Assurance Leader, PwC Switzerland

The future of business, society and the world needs a foundation of trust. Building that trust is our core competence.

Alex AstolfiPartner and Assurance Leader, PwC Switzerland

The skillset and mindset to see and solve the bigger picture, together

What is assurance? A feeling of confidence. It’s what we strive to deliver to our clients as we work side by side to help solve the issues they face. This assurance enables organisations to build and earn trust with their stakeholders. We take a long-term perspective, always looking ahead, we anticipate and guide clients on future risks, before they need to. Providing assurance isn’t just a skillset, it’s a mindset. We embrace technology to automate tasks, enhance efficiency and provide insights through data, but it’s our mindset of curiosity, objectivity and professional scepticism that enables us to provide valuable and actionable insights. Underpinned by a relentless focus on quality, it’s a combination that sets us apart.

That’s Assurance. 

solving the bigger picture together

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Audit services

Our Audit and Assurance services build trust and transparency in three main areas: Core Services enable organisations to gain and present an accurate picture of their business and the risks; Digital Assurance services build trust in emerging technologies; Investor Reporting services make sure stakeholders have the information to assess the risks and opportunities of any investment.

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Alex Astolfi

Partner and Assurance Leader, PwC Switzerland

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