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Blockchain Assurance

Helping you build sustainable Blockchain and Digital Assets based solutions

Managing risk and building transparency to instill trust in distributed ledger technology

Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) and digital assets have the potential to be the single biggest enabler of business transformation. We help companies build trust in their solutions and we work with partners to create and protect value using this emerging distributed technology.

To capitalise on new opportunities despite the uncertainty, you need to tackle a range of challenges:

  • Growing, but yet immature, regulations
  • Increasingly demanding, digitally-sophisticated customers and partners
  • Rapidly changing business environment

You can only keep up by aligning your technology, controls and risk management to build trust with your stakeholders, make the most of your business opportunities, and minimise risks to a level that allows you to operate successfully.

Emerging technology blockchain

Where are you at in terms of blockchain?

Different companies are at different stages along the blockchain journey.

If you’re new to blockchain and want to start using it for business-critical processes, you need to understand and adequately control the specific risks associated with the technology.

If you’re already established in blockchain, you need to demonstrate to customers and regulators that your blockchain business meets the relevant legal and regulatory requirements as well as the agreed service levels and quality.


Whatever stage of the journey you’re at, our team of advisors, auditors and technology experts is there to guide you along your blockchain transformation.

What we do for clients

We help you build trust in your services in a fast-changing environment.

Blockchain Go-Live Assurance

We help you build sustainable blockchain and digital assets based solutions, guiding you along the path from identifying and implementing business models to applying for regulatory licenses and being ready for your first audit.

Blockchain Trust & Transparency

We build trust in your solution and services by performing independent audits and assessments of the security and quality of your blockchain or digital asset based solution. We also use our advanced analytics tool with deep intelligence to produce transparency reports on your digital assets and blockchain transactions.

Blockchain Analytics & Compliance

We help you monitor and understand what's happening on your blockchain or with your digital assets on public blockchains, and help you maintain compliance with business and regulatory requirements such as KYC/AML.


Decentralised Trust

We build trust in the decentralised world by providing new kinds of assurance and trust services, and partnering with start-ups on emerging new business models.

We help build trust in the blockchain infrastructure so that everyone involved can use this new technology securely, sustainably and profitably.

Adrian Keller, Partner and Leader Audit for Blockchain, PwC Switzerland

Crypto Valley Association

Trusted Key Ceremony Guidelines

We joined Crypto Valley Association's cybersecurity working group and took part in creating the new guidelines on trusted key ceremony best practices. These guidelines aim to improve awareness of the importance of protecting digital assets in a safe and secure way. Find the publication here:



Online Panel Recording

Watch the presentation of the publication on key ceremony best practices here:

To the recording

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