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The FS-Talk is a regular series of videos commenting on current trends and topics. There will be a new edition every 2-3 months.

In the latest episode Dieter Wirth, Head Financial Services, speaks with  Marcel Tschanz, Leader Wealth Management Consulting, and Marcel Widrig, Leader Private Clients of the future of wealth management.


IFRS 17 Implementation: Different Companies, Different Approaches

IFRS 17 Implementation: Different Companies, Different Approaches

Regulatory changes often represent significant challenges and efforts for the individual departments. IFRS 17, however, will not only affect one department, since it requires changes that involve almost every stakeholder, functional area, system, person and process. In the past, we have seen software providers offering end-to-end solutions to comply with regulatory changes. However, PwC observes very different approaches to implement IFRS 17 in our clients’ projects. In this article, we will outline reasons that lead to this broad variation of strategies and present recommendations on how to successfully implement IFRS 17.


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