Productivity in Financial Services

Moving forward with a focus

New technology, better automation options and improved decision support through trusted Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and other means lay the foundation for improving productivity in our FS organisations.

However, often productivity improvements in FS organisations are still lagging behind their full potential. Why is that and what has to change in our operating models to exploit the full potential? Please read through our latest views on the topic and the key levers to be considered from a strategic, operational and organisational point of view.

Upskilling as the foundation of productivity

Each of the pillars of productivity, as you will see in our new report ‘Productivity 2021 and beyond: Five pillars for a better workforce’, involves some element of upskilling. Better understanding the workforce, for example, requires the deployment of new measurement and analytical tools. Embracing the platform economy to fully leverage gig work and innovation in crowdsourcing means organising and managing the workforce differently and developing and introducing products in a new way. Making sure your employees are equipped with new skills for a new world will unlock productivity gains across the board and is fundamental to becoming a world-beating institution.

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