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Family businesses are unique. And so is the way we advise them.

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There are pressing tasks and questions aplenty, every single day: the pressure of innovation, digitalisation, Switzerland as a centre of knowledge and industry, international competition, economic cycles, or succession planning; and they will continue to challenge your business in many ways. In collaboration with our partners and colleagues, we can assist you in finding a bulletproof owner strategy and individual solutions. Our consulting and coaching services and longstanding expertise will equip you with the right tools for a consistently healthy business that can prevail well into the next generation.

Norbert Kühnis
Family Business & Middle Market Leader, PwC Switzerland

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Family Governance: Book a free location analysis

As the owner of a family business, securing the future is crucial for you as well as being an emotional undertaking. Unfortunately, only one in four family businesses has implemented family governance instruments. We would be happy to discuss the implications of this key issue with you. We can show you why an ownership strategy is so important and what you need to do to create one. It’s never too early to secure your future. Arrange a meeting now without obligation.


It's never too early to secure your future

Key issues and services in family businesses

As the owner of your business it is your duty to make sure that the interests and values of all stakeholders are represented. To keep a competitive edge, your business needs a framework, rules and entrepreneurial finesse. There is no other way to secure the growth of your family business beyond trends, safeguard your family members’ interests, combine different goals, skilfully include advisers, settle succession issues, and steer clear of – or solve for that matter – any conflict that may arise among the members of the entrepreneurial family.  

Make family and business play in tune. Let us show you how.

What our customers say

"PwC helped us as an external third party to bring all those involved to the table and to create clarity regarding who wants or doesn't want what. This discussion within the family was both difficult and beneficial at the same time."

David J. Bosshard, CEO der Clienia AG

David J. Bosshard
CEO Clienia AG

"As an external Chairman of the Board of Directors, I really appreciate it when an owner family fully engages with family governance issues. The support from PwC was one very practical example of the value of doing so."

Marc Jaquet, Externer Verwaltungsrat von verschiedenen Familienunternehmen

Marc Jaquet
External Chairman of the Board of Directors for a number of family businesses

"PwC assisted us with drafting our family constitution. The collaboration was a professional mixture of sensibility, expertise and passion for family companies."

Anna Aebischer-Imfeld, Verwaltungsratspräsidentin, Westiform Holding AG

Anna Aebischer-Imfeld
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Westiform Holding AG



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At 15 locations all over Switzerland, we combine local, national and global know-how to your advantage.

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Norbert Kühnis

Norbert Kühnis

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