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How you can successfully shape the future of your company and family.

Advice on family governance, succession and family offices 

Family first or business first? A successful family enterprise has two sides: the business side and the family side. As the owner, you have to balance both, particularly during times of uncertainty or when new generations are coming on board.

How does the future of your family business look as regards common goals and values? Answering this and similar questions will shape your strategy for ownership of the business. To do this, you will need a clear process and consistent implementation. With our structured approach and extensive experience, we can help you during this process.

Norbert Kühnis
Family Business & Middle Market Leader, PwC Switzerland

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What our clients have to say

David J. Bosshard

“PwC helped us as an external third party bring all those involved to the table and create clarity regarding who wants what or does not want it. This discussion within the family was both difficult and beneficial at the same time.”

David J. BosshardCEO Clienia-Group
Marc Jacquet

“For me as an external Chairman of the Board of Directors, it is very valuable when the family owning the company intensively confronts family governance issues. The concrete example PwC assisted with was very useful.”

Marc Jaquetexternal Chairman of the Board of Directors of various family enterprises
Annette Heimlicher

“PwC assisted us with drafting our family constitution. The collaboration was a professional mixture of sensibility, expertise and passion for family companies.”

Anna Aebischer-ImfeldChairman of the Board of Directors, Westiform Holding AG

“Thank you for the competent and focused leadership of the workshops. Together over the course of six months we got the transition to the next generation at our company on track. We would never have been able to do this without your help. Before the workshop, our – particularly my – situation was very muddled as regards the individual players. Now it’s up to us to keep our company on track and help one another guide it.”


What aspects we can help you with

Orchestrating family, succession and assets: don’t leave the future development of your family business to chance. We will draw upon our expertise to assist you with any questions you have about family governance, succession and family offices. Together we will work to craft a solution that captures all the relevant aspects of your present and future.

Inhaberstrategie mit PwC

Family Governance

Family governance enables you to define your code of values as well as the rules your family must adhere to in dealing with one another and with conflicts. You determine how to promote cohesion, how to deal with conflicts and how to integrate the next generation.

Family Governance with PwC

Nachfolgeplanung mit PwC

Succession planning

Setting up targeted succession planning in advance allows you to map out how the next generation will take over and include everyone in the process. This includes solutions for tax, legal and financial aspects.                                                                        

Succession planning with PwC

Family Office mit PwC

Family Office

Together or alone? On your own or getting help from third parties? Non-profit, family or individual? A family office enables you to answer these questions and sustainably manage your personal, family and company assets.                                     

Family Office with PwC

It’s never too early to secure your future

Pensions are a key issue for owners of family businesses. We will be happy to discuss aspects such as family governance, succession planning and family offices with you. We can show you why an ownership strategy is so vital and what you need to do to create one.

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It's never too early to secure your future

Further information

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Pleased to assist you

We will advise and assist you with anything from strategy to succession planning to asset structuring, regardless of size, markets or ownership/management structures. Talk to us about the things that are keeping you awake at night.

Inhaberstrategie mit PwC
Norbert Kühnis 

Family Business & Middle Market Leader, member of the management team 
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Inhaberstrategie mit PwC
Roman Leimer

Family Business partner and Family Governance Leader
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Inhaberstrategie mit PwC
Jürg Niederbacher

Family Business partner and Private Clients Leader 
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Reto Blaser 

Corporate Development Leader for Family Business & Middle Market   
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