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Competitive advantage has a new equation. Strategy-led for faster outcomes, we go beyond the traditional “lift and shift” by aligning your business goals with Microsoft’s leading cloud products. Whether we’re working with Azure or Microsoft 365, our extensive implementation experience helps you get more from Microsoft. The results? A secure, user-friendly future that leverages the latest tech for leaner operations. Data-fueled for accelerated growth.
We help you to master all your challenges.

Why you can count on us for your Microsoft implementation

As a leading Microsoft partner, we have not only extensive industry and process knowledge but also vast experience in transformation projects. We strongly focus on creating value with technology accelerators. The faster you implement Microsoft, the greater your business value. During our project support, we ensure that you will be able to run and develop the solution independently. 

Why can we do that? Because we are more than mere IT implementers – we understand your business.

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What you can expect

CRM & Marketing

Do you want to create real change, grow your business, and create a better experience for everyone? To achieve this goal, you need the perfect blend of technology, business change, and employee engagement. 

With our comprehensive range of strategy- and data-driven and technology-enabled solutions – from marketing and sales to pricing, distribution and services – we help you optimise your customer relationships and master all dimensions of your customer transformation.

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Modern Workplace

We support you in giving your employees the opportunity to work the way they want and help you tackle the security challenges of remote working. We make sure that your remote work infrastructure is secure, efficient, and delivers the best results for your business and your people. With Microsoft 365, you can foster collaboration and improve productivity in your business. Together, we create a technological environment and a culture where today’s workforce can perform at its best.

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Finance Transformation

Digital disruption and a rapidly changing operating environment are challenging the finance function. Bring your financial and operational models into the future with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and integrate financial data into your core processes. By automating tasks and applying advanced analytics as well as model predictive control, you can gain insights that improve performance across the business. Give your finance operations an efficiency boost with PwC and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance suite.

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Data and Analytics

The potential is boundless. The Azure platform offers a wide range of tools to unlock the true potential of your data and drive innovation in cloud-based data platforms and analytics solutions. Furthermore, when combined with our expertise and services in data strategy, data management, process intelligence, and applied AI, you can smoothly integrate cutting-edge, data-driven solutions and leverage the latest technology to future-proof your business. Powered by insights for accelerated growth.

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Generative AI

By leveraging our strong experience in generative AI, we are committed to providing seamless integration of your data with the Azure OpenAI services. We also create case studies that demonstrate the potential of various on-premise and cloud GPT models and identify potential beneficiaries of this disruptive technology. To facilitate your transition, we provide technical assistance, access to a community of experts, tools and platforms for model development, and guidance on best practices and ethics.

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In our increasingly interconnected and technology-enabled world, it’s no longer a question of whether you’ll experience a cybersecurity incident, but when. That’s why we offer an innovative combination of human ingenuity and technologies to protect your data, networks, and intellectual property. We help you work around the risks and proactively combat cyberattacks and threats. Whatever your focus, we assist you move to the cloud and on your path to a complete digital transformation – powered by Microsoft.

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You have committed to sustainability goals and need to improve accountability along your value chain, track and minimise the environmental footprint of your operational systems and processes, and achieve the transparency needed for better sustainability reporting. With Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, we help you capture, report, and reduce your environmental impact. Wherever you are on your path to net zero, we support you to amplify progress and transform your business through environmental, social, and governance (ESG) capabilities. 

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How to implement your solution 

For optimal implementation results, you need a combination of business knowledge (B), user experience (X), and technology (T). And you must make sure that the technology is applied in the right places and your employees are motivated to use it.   

Our BXT-approach and our agile methodology allow us to focus on business needs and optimisation. We can quickly assess, understand, and digitalise your core business processes, end-to-end. Let us break down the barriers with Microsoft and transform your business together.

BXT - Business Knowledge, User Experience, Technology

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Modern Workspace

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Find out how PwC Switzerland has transformed its work infrastructure to improve collaboration between employees and clients securely and efficiently in the cloud – and what we’ve learned along the way. 

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"By working together, we help clients boost productivity and increase employees’ engagement, which results in successful adoption of Microsoft tools."

Urs Küderli Partner and Leader Cybersecurity and Privacy, PwC Switzerland

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