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The true value of technology comes from the way people use it.

Tackling the security challenges of remote working

Covid-19 has forced companies to build near-100% remote work infrastructures. 

One of the biggest challenges in making these new workplace infrastructures work is that they create additional security issues, giving potential attackers a target to aim for. Therefore, many companies are recognising the need for coordinated support with monitoring applications, identifying and addressing regulatory requirements, and tackling the problems associated with their IT infrastructure and virtual collaboration.

We at PwC are there to help you make sure your remote work infrastructure is secure, efficient, and getting the best results for your business and your people. 

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PwC’s Digital Workplace Solution

A well-designed modern workplace enables safe collaboration between employees and customers anytime and anywhere. Ideally this is done on the basis of a set of integrated services in the cloud that facilitate communication, collaboration and information flow. There are two keys to getting your digital workplace right: 

  • Making sure the way the technology is used is determined by your business objectives.
  • Addressing the relevant regulatory requirements early in your solution design. 

Our Digital Workplace Solution covers all the stages of your transformation journey, from assessing the current status to developing a sustainable and compliant roadmap for your digital workplace.

PwC’s Digital Workplace Solution

Legal requirements and laws guide your journey

We help you set the right course for your transformation journey by building the playground. This involves understanding the regulatory landscape that affects your solution design. We then help you translate these regulatory requirements into technical requirements to provides the foundation for a reliable solution design that’s ready for implementation.

  • Identifying regulatory requirements
  • Data protection
  • Translating into technical requirements
  • Identifying the current state and health of your workplace from the transformation perspective
  • Aligning business objectives and legal requirements to increase the project’s likelihood of success

A process affecting the entire organisation

Modern workplace projects involve the entire organisation and require everyone to interact. Projects are multi-layered, complex and have a multitude of dependencies. We make sure that you run your projects as an integral part of a business transformation, focusing on clearly defined success criteria.

  • Managing and coordinating all stakeholders, including the Microsoft Fast Track Team, in different countries
  • Enabling accelerated decision-making
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Reducing costs

Execution excellence builds on solid planning

We help you to orchestrate project execution. This way you’re able to manage oversight of the purpose and status of the project while having a sparring partner to support with technical advisory services, create a change management strategy to prepare your employees, provide tailormade upskilling programmes, and master communication about the project with your staff.

  • Project management work activities to navigate implementation
  • Change management & communications
  • Technical advisory
  • People & skills

New technology allows you to rethink old habits

After the solution has been implemented, we continue provide support with upskilling your employees to work with the new cloud technologies. Many workplace workarounds are undocumented, unguided and unknown to management, and lead to inefficient workflows that drive costs up. We help you reduce and eliminate workarounds, rethink and redesign your workflows. 

  • Continuing & accelerating initiated processes
  • Improving and building new workflows
  • Identifying untapped potential for further digitisation and automation
  • Introducing low-code solutions that empower your workforce to improve processes from the ground up

The PwC-Microsoft Alliance

Innovate and evolve with strategic PwC business process solutions powered by Microsoft.

PwC and Microsoft have joined forces to provide a powerful combination of consulting know-how and sophisticated tools, including Microsoft 365, to boost collaboration and enhance productivity within your organisation and help you create a culture where today’s workforce can perform at its best.

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Modern workplace: a useful checklist 

Whether you’re thinking about launching a project to create a modern workplace or are in the midst of it, our checklist will help you plan the next steps or assess your progress so far. 

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Modern workplace: a useful checklist

Learnings of our own transformation story

Find out how PwC Switzerland has transformed its work infrastructure to improve collaboration between employees and clients securely and efficiently in the cloud – and what we’ve learned along the way.

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Explore our story in detail

Henrico Dolfing, PwC Switzerland’s Chief Information Officer reflects on our own workplace transformation journey and shares lessons learned in his series of blogs. Explore them below:


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Begin your modern workplace journey with us

If you’d like to continue the conversation on where you stand on your workplace transformation journey or the concrete steps to take next, feel free to contact us.

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