Protect your modern workplace

We help you protect your business and give you confidence that your digital workplace is a highly rewarding, yet safe environment

Robust protection helps ensure robust rewards

The digital world has huge advantages, but challenges as well. We help to protect your modern workplace making sure you maximise your return on the cloud investment

Increasingly complex cyber-attacks are pushing companies’ cybersecurity capabilities to the limits. Traditional strategies to protect your environment need to be adjusted.

Key features:

  • Zero trust approach
  • Target operating model
  • Tenant hardening 
  • Development of proactive monitoring measures

Swiss CEOs consider cyber risks the top threat to their growth prospects, while at the same time believing that regulations will become more complex (25th Annual CEO Survey).

Embrace the paradigm shift in cybersecurity and privacy

Companies need to consider and protect their digital assets. Organisations may be responsible for protecting sets of technologies that they don’t even own: e.g. bring-your-own devices or systems, and devices that customers or partners have access to.

With digital transformation increasing the attack surface, a remote workforce is exposed to sophisticated cyber-attacks. Your cybersecurity resources and capabilities are most likely stretched to the limit keeping up with data protection and regulatory requirements.

We help you assess your organisation’s security capabilities and design a zero trust target architecture. We assess and analyse gaps to define a roadmap to achieve the desired future security state for your organisation. We help facilitate adoption of Microsoft 365 Enterprise cybersecurity capabilities with PwC’s Cybersecurity Advisory offerings.

  • Appropriate data protection is in place and effective
  • Integrated solution with your collaboration platform increases visibility
  • Cloud security is an integral part of your business strategy
  • Cyber issues are more visible, facilitating compliance with data protection requirements

Modern Workplace services

Our modular service map helps you shape your modern workplace transformation programme and assures thorough implementation of customised tools and technology.

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