Enable your workforce with digital power

Give your workforce the power and skills to reshape and improve business workflows by means of low-code application building and connecting Microsoft solutions

Make more informed business decisions through data-driven insight and turn ideas into business solutions by allowing your employees to rethink and automate processes and boost productivity through automation.

Manage workarounds in workplaces resulting from system limitations, and foster innovation across your organisation by equipping your current workforce with the capabilities to become:

  • Data analysts & scientists
  • App developers
  • Automation developers
  • Chatbot developers

Democratise innovative workplaces with new cloud technologies via the Microsoft Power Platform

Today there are workarounds in many organisations’ workplaces. Examples include:

  • Spreadsheets containing important calculations and estimates
  • Workflows outside the system, e.g. email request approvals
  • Unscripted customer interactions, e.g. customer email queries. 

Many such ‘workarounds’ are undocumented, unguided and unknown to management.

We enable your employees with Power Platform, a set of tools included within the Microsoft O365 package. 

Your employees are empowered to build business solutions to suit their needs. 

The solutions will be secured and managed by PwC’s governance and operating model in line with your organisation’s needs.

  • No more unmanaged workarounds within your organisation. All processes are auditable, accountable and automated where possible.
  • Innovative digital solutions developed directly by the users who are also your organisation’s workforce.
  • Identify untapped potential for further digitisation on the basis of data from past manual workarounds.

Zack Tian
Director, Intelligent Solutions Development, PwC Switzerland

“Low-code applications like Power Platform bring transformational opportunity for employees to build digital experiences faster. However, actual transformation is not about the ability to create more apps, but about driving value. To do so, businesses need to give employees the right tool, methodology and operating model to ensure applications are safe and secure, and scalable based on the businesses need.”

Modern Workplace services

Our modular service map helps you shape your modern workplace transformation programme and assures thorough implementation of customised tools and technology.

Check out our service offering. 

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Zack Tian

Zack Tian

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