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Keeping the sports industry ahead of the game: PwC’s sports business team


We help you grow

We help sports organisations identify new growth opportunities and optimise their operations. Through new perspectives and strategies, enhanced returns and a firm grip on the risks that they face, we empower our clients to navigate an increasingly disrupted market.

Our multidisciplinary team has a broad array of skills that can help you address your business challenges in a wide variety of contexts. With in-depth knowledge of the market and hands-on experience either consulting or working for international federations, mega-events and leading sports marketing agencies, our specialists harness a cross-service (advisory, assurance and tax) and independent approach to add value to your business.

How we can help

We help you devise new strategies for commercialising your assets (ticketing and hospitality, sponsorship and broadcasting), entering new markets, optimising project portfolios, designing and adapting your organisational structure, and improving your event operations. The goal is help you met the challenge of waning trust in sporting bodies, and technological advances that are altering the business model of sporting events, by improving your governance, innovating and embracing change.

We offer services ranging from thought-leadership research, market entry analysis, fan engagement and digital strategies, ticketing and hospitality programme design to business planning and valuations for leagues and teams seeking to hone their business and operations strategy. The idea is to help you exploit the increasing international appeal of sports leagues and mega-teams and expand your brand to compete for attention on a global scale. 

We advise rights holders and broadcasters on new ways of exploiting rights, sales and acquisition strategies and valuations. The goal is to help you harness the disruption of the traditional sports rights value chain and engage directly with fans through new digital solutions – for example by making the transition from a traditional free-to-air broadcast market into a digital media solution.

We work with our deals team to offer M&A advisory services to both targets and acquirers in the sports and entertainment industry. The aim is to help you professionally harness the specific benefits of an investment in sports properties by developing the right pre-deal strategy, identifying issues and negotiation sticking points, and making adjustments that deliver post-deal synergies and improvements.

We work closely with PwC’s retail and consumer exports to support leading sports apparel and equipment brands with their corporate strategy, distribution channel decisions and digital transformation. The objective is to help you tackle the challenges and harness the growth opportunities emerging from increasing health consciousness by finding ways of tackling online sales, identifying the optimum business model to work with distributors, striking an appropriate balance with your own stores, and positioning your brand to best effect.

We can advise you if you’re bidding for or organising a major international sporting event, and provide assistance with financial feasibility, budgeting, project planning, project management, organisational structure and economic impact studies. The aim is to help you deliver successful events despite growing complexity, capital investment and personnel challenges and the increased scrutiny of legacy and sustainability issues. 

Our sports experts

Bogdan Sutter

Director Advisory, Strategy and Digital Change Expert, Bern, Bern, PwC Switzerland

+41 58 792 77 51


Hanspeter Rytz

Senior Manager, Consulting Familienunternehmen, KMU & Public, Bern, PwC Switzerland

+41 79 295 86 82


Shin A. Szedlak

Manager, Advisory, Bern, PwC Switzerland

+41 58 792 78 15


Szergej Maszlov

Manager, Advisory, Zürich, PwC Switzerland

+41 58 792 21 23


Claudio Prante

Partner, Head of Deals Strategy, Sustainability Leader in Deals, Zurich, PwC Switzerland

+41 58 792 47 14


Richard Thomas

Partner, Risk Consulting, PwC Switzerland

+41 79 816 27 00


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Reto Brunner

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