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As a decision maker in pharmaceutical and life science you are facing major challenges every day: pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency, urgency to innovate and leverage potential of digital and other exiting technologies to address patient needs, increasing regulation, global competition, disruption and convergence of the market. My team of passionate consultants and I would love to discuss with you how your company can successfully navigate in this demanding environment. 

Dominik Hotz, Health Industries Leader Switzerland and PwC Europe

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A combination of regulatory, market, scientific, and technological forces is likely to mean that pharmaceutical manufacturing will undergo rapid change in the next five to ten years. Many companies are already investing in change projects, but they are often piecemeal and not accompanied by a clear manufacturing vision. The absence of such a vision also means that companies sometimes feel caught between ‘big leap’ and more incremental changes. In fact, incremental change is vital to achieve a longer term 'big leap.' But, in the absence of a manufacturing vision, companies find themselves with no roadmap. The consequence is that changes are made in relative isolation without maximising their potential incremental contribution to longer term improvement or, worse, moving the company further away from the manufacturing it will need in the future. There is a need for companies to more consistently align investment in IT and manufacturing with their vision of the manufacturing that will be needed in the future. In doing so, companies will be able to ensure that investments don't just deliver specific gains, but also help accelerate the company's progress toward longer term goals. We can help companies achieve the change required and their goals by utilising our firm's in-depth industry expertise.

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Supply chain & distribution

Today companies are concerned about the cost and efficiency of thier supply chain. Increasingly pharmaceutical companies are seeking to outsourcemanufacturing and distribution to countries like China and India. However for the newer technologies such as biologics this may not be possible due to the complexity of the manufacturing and delivery processes. We work with our clients to help them identify options at an early stage of the business and product planning process. We work with them to understand the potential risks , find solutions and identify the appropriate overseas partners to help them reduce costs or gain entry in to new markets.

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Commercial operations

In the current environment of poor product pipelines and broader customer bases, the traditional sales and marketing model of driving revenue with ever larger sales forces is no longer sustainable. Rather organisations will evolve to become more efficient and deliver differentiated effective messages tailored the specific needs of diverse customer segments including patients, insurers, government and physicians, and the changes on product mix. PwC can work with you in targeting sales and marketing resources accordingly to the customer needs and the relevant regulations (compliance), avoiding components that are not helping to maximise the return on invesment; improving the division of roles between the headquarters and local maketing companies with redefinition of planning and communication systems that work effectively between global, regional and marketing affiliates.

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Corporate & financial strategy

Companies are addressing important questions about existing and future revenue generation, and how to align operational and financial tactics to enable their chosen corporate strategy. We are working with our clients to explore strategic options and begin the process today of restructuring their business for tomorrow. We help to identify those areas with the most realistic potential and devise and review pragmatic business plans that maximise value. We know the difficult decisions and trade-offs that executives face when managing their businesses, allocating resources or contemplating deals. We know the traps of large and small company cultures.Mergers, acquisitions and licensing are vital enablers to corporate strategy. Most companies will use some form of equity or debt finance to fund future plans, Life Science companies often use private equity or an initial public offering (IPO). Whatever the new venture, buying at the price, integrating the different elements, and ensuring tax efficiencies through out is key to ensure maximum value. We help to develop a corporate finance strategy, which will appropriately raise and structure the finance needed to support operational changes, and the future strategy of the company.

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Information Technology

Together with our clients, we use a combination of industry and technology expertise to develop process improvements that assist you in getting value from technology investments, We bring knowledge in IT strategy, IT architecture and design, enterprise applications, sourcing, project management and IT operations management as well as experience of our professional advisors who have worked within R&D, Supply chain and manufacturing within the industry.

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Regulatory & compliance environment

The Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industries are among the most heavily regulated industries in the world. The regulatory environment is continuously changing in response to the effects of globalisation and harmonisation, emerging markets, increasing complexity of disease targets, introduction of new technologies and the rising sophistication and demands of both patients and regulators.

Yet adherence to regulatory requirements is vital to both a company's and the industry's reputation. Keeping pace with changing regulation requires good processes and procedures which ensure adherence and enable effective global, national and local management. We work with our clients to audit and develop management systems which enable greater transparency across the firm, inform the development of new approaches to a broad range of regulatory compliance, risk management procedures and help improve performance.

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Research & development

We work closely with our clients to help formulate a new strategy for success and achieve increased performance by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s R&D operations. Our advisors have a wealth of industry based R&D experience and expertise with a deep understanding of finance, tax, risk management/compliance, IT systems, operations and human resources, we help our clients evaluate their R&D Strategy & Portfolio Management, improve management and control, and identify cost saving initiatives.

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