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Thanks to our pharmaceutical and life science research, your company's future prospects look good.

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We know your industry – therefore you can depend on our expertise and rely on our global track record.

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Strategic support

Our global network partner "Strategy &" will show you how to successfully carry out corporate transformations - with only minimal side effects.

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Decision makers in pharmaceutical and life science companies face major challenges every day: rising energy costs, pressure to innovate, large-scale investment, global competition and tougher environmental and climate-protection regulations. We can help you to overcome them.

Our expertise 


The company's reputation and respect for regulations are key themes. We can help you find answers.

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Research and development

Encouraging innovation without increasing your business risk is a major challenge. We can provide you with the right tools to cope with this task.

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Value creation

Are your company's costs and revenues properly aligned? We can show you ways to optimise - from purchasing to sales.

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Intellectual property

Customised strategies are required to withstand competition from generic and counterfeit products,. We can help you to find the right measures.

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Global growth

New partnerships open up access to new markets. If you understand these new environments, you can look for success beyond your national boundaries.

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Data analysis

Companies generate vast quantities of data every day. Can you link the relevant information and thus make the right decisions? Our data analysts can provide you with a solid foundation.

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