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Rethink current quality approaches: Where does your company stand?

In this study, PwC assesses the current quality approach of biopharmaceutical, hardware and software medical device organisations of all sizes and ages to explore commonalities and differences, and identify opportunities to improve and enhance patient and business outcomes through quality.

  • The survey is anonymous and short (10-15 minutes to complete)
  • Participants will receive thought-provoking impulses for the development of a more patient-centred quality concept
  • Discuss topic with our experts

Take part in this global quality survey and share your insights.

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For organisations subject to stringent biopharmaceutical and medical device regulations, quality has been evolving over the past years from a compliance-centric approach to increasingly include product-quality and innovation-centric philosophies thus becoming more and more patient centric. The following three stages of quality approaches can be observed in this development:

  • Compliance with specifications and regulations has always been a must to minimise compliance risk and maintain the licence to operate, reducing cost of (poor) quality (compliance centric).
  • In addition, focusing on the robustness of clinical trials, supply and manufacturing processes and data ensures the availability, affordability and reliability of products at the time of need, reducing inventory and improving profit margins (product-quality centric).
  • Targeting on top to improve disease management, quality of life and the product and treatment portfolio allows organisations to bring innovative products and services to market faster, improving revenue and the brand and risk profile (innovation centric).
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We at PwC are passionate to support biopharmaceutical and medtech organisations to move towards a more patient-centric quality approach, providing patients with a reliable supply of products, access to more innovative products, and improved compliance and product quality.

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