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Assurance on investment process, return and risk for investment managers and investors

In today's financial landscape, investment managers are navigating a complex set of challenges. The demands of clients and stakeholders for transparency in investment returns and risk assessment have never been more pronounced. The assurance of a meticulously managed investment process is paramount.

What sets us apart is our commitment to meeting these demands head-on. Institutional investors now consider adherence to the universally acknowledged Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) a prerequisite when selecting investment managers, and this standard is progressively gaining recognition within the private banking and alternative investments sectors. Regulatory bodies are also intensifying their scrutiny of investment risk management and benchmark usage in financial products.

Our mission is clear: We aim to instill confidence in managers, investors, and regulators alike. We don't just manage investment risks; we excel at it. We don't simply measure returns; we do so with precision. Above all, we don't merely report transparently; transparency is the cornerstone of our approach. Together, we can build unshakable trust in your investment management process.

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Our service offering

Our clients benefit from our end-to-end understanding of the investment process and investors’ needs.

Investment performance assurance

Target audience: We provide assurance to investment managers and institutional investors in all areas relating to investment performance measurement, analysis and presentation:

  • GIPS® compliance implementation and verification
  • Performance examinations of funds and portfolios
  • Performance evaluation and attribution
  • Assurance on compliance with regulations in investment performance area (e.g. SFAMA regulations for mutual funds)
  • Evaluation of IT performance systems
  • Performance and GIPS training

Investment process and controls assurance

Target audience: We provide assurance to investment managers, investor service providers and institutional investors that their assets are managed within a robust investment process and a controlled environ­ment:

  • Review of investment management processes for investor due dili­gence purposes
  • Review of investment strategies, products and portfolios and their compliant implementation
  • Examination of internal control systems of asset managers and investor service providers under the ISAE-3402 and SOC-1 frame­works

Investment risk management

Target audience: We help investment managers and institutional in­vestors better understand, measure and manage investment risks:

  • Investment risk measurement and analysis
  • Implementation of comprehensive investment risk management pro­cess, policies and procedures
  • Assurance on compliance with regulations in the risk management area for mutual funds (e.g. UCITS/AIF, CISA-FINMA, FMA)
  • Evaluation of IT investment risk systems
  • Training in investment risk area

Investor transparency

Target audience: We help investment managers, investor service providers and institutional investors to enhance transparency and trust in various areas of investment management relationships:

  • Advice on implementation of best-practice investment reporting
  • Advice on good investment governance and controlling for pension funds
  • Assurance on compliance with the regulations in the financial bench­mark area (IOSCO and EU BMR)
  • Advice on the design of performance-based fee models

ESG investing

We help investment managers, investor service providers and institutional investors to align their investment performance measurement, analysis and presentation with ESG standards and expectations, and to build trust and confidence in their ESG investing practices.

  • Assurance on ESG investment strategies and products – helping prevent “greenwashing” of investment products
  • Assurance on ESG investment reporting (e.g. CFA Institute ESG Disclosure Standards for Investment Products, ASIP ESG Reporting Standard)
  • Assurance on ESG Standards in Asset Management (e.g. AMAS Self-Regulation).
  • Assurance on Carbon Emissions reporting in Asset Management (e.g. in accordance with PCAF Standard)

We shape the investment management industry with our thought leadership

Industry events and publications

  • We make regular presentations at industry events (CFA Institute, Asset Management Association Switzerland, Liechtenstein Bankers Association)
  • We issue periodic publications on hot topics in the investor trust area

Industry standard-setting

  • We are engaged in the global GIPS and ESG standard-setting bodies of CFA Institute
  • We are engaged in the GIPS Expert Group of the Asset Man­agement Association Switzerland
  • We have regular contact with regulators in the investment performance and risk areas 

Contact us

Contact us

Dimitri Senik

Dimitri Senik

Leader Investor Trust Services, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 79 686 83 62

Sanel Meta

Sanel Meta

Senior Manager Investor Trust Services, PwC Switzerland, PwC Switzerland