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You may no longer work for PwC – but you’re still part of PwC’s community


Why be part of the alumni community?

The experiences you had at PwC, the relationships you developed, and the trust you built within your team and network all have a lasting effect, wherever your journey takes you. Skills are important, and people are even more important.

The PwC alumni community is as diverse, lively and valuable as the people behind it. It’s a great source of support. And it’s an opportunity for you to connect with former and current employees, ask questions, share your insights and visions, seek inspiration and develop new goals. 

It’s all about people - so stay connected.


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Andy Staubli, CEO and Sebastian di Paola, Chairman, PwC Switzerland

Andy Staubli, CEO and Sebastian di Paola, Chairman, PwC Switzerland

«It’s not just about business. It’s about people.»

It’s all about you:

the ambassadors who strengthen our brand
the competitors who stimulate our business
the clients who motivate us to achieve the extraordinary
the friends who inspire us every day

Alumni Success Stories

Curious about what your former colleagues are doing? Check out our alumni success stories! Would you like to share your story too? Reach out to us!

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