Employment Lawyer

Hand in hand

Employment law imposes a host of duties on your legal counsels and HR managers, and likewise raises a host of questions. Employment law aspects also become relevant in connection with reorganisations or with international deployment of employees. It is good to rely on seasoned experts in this area.

The lawyers in our legal services department are specialised in employment law. The many years they have spent consulting companies in all sectors, in a domestic and international context, have allowed us to gain comprehensive experience, which we are pleased to use to your benefit. In addition, through us you are able to access an extensive network of experts both within Switzerland and abroad. In this way, we are able to advise you holistically, including on closely-related issues such as social security, tax or other legal systems.

What we do for clients

  • You would like to have your basic employment law documents such as employment agreements, staff regulations, etc., reviewed or re-drafted.
  • You have questions related to employment law, such as holidays, working time, salary continuation and other topics.
  • You need support in connection with the dissolution of an employment contract, such as in the case of terminations, termination agreements or letters of reference.


  • You need proactive assistance in connection with the international deployment of employees when drafting and implementing secondment agreements, or where work permits are required, etc.
  • In connection with a business transfer, you would like to make a seamless transfer of the employment relationships.
  • You need to implement large-scale redundancies and you need a partner who will be able to advise you and to carry out this process.