Tax Consulting for private persons and small and medium enterprises

All-inclusive tax consulting – for companies and private individuals

Regardless of whether you manage a limited liability company or a public limited company, a foundation or an association - or maybe you are a privat person, you will have to deal with tax matters every year again, and this is immensely time consuming and requires a lot of energy. Now you can save all this time and also give your nerves a break: make use of our all-inclusive consulting services. Whether it is your tax return or your VAT return, we take that weight off you and support you with our expertise. In order to guarantee continuity, you will always be helped by the same consultant, who will be on your side.

Our services regarding taxes

  • Tax consulting on all aspects
  • Preparing the tax return for private individuals and legal entities
  • Negotiating with tax authorities
  • Reviewing your current tax situation
  • Compiling suggestions for tax optimisation
  • Preparing your VAT return
  • Preparing and supporting you for the VAT audit

VAT consulting

Supporting you in questions of customs tax an VAT er.

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René Hubschmid

Leader Treuhand/Corporate Support Services, Berne, PwC Switzerland

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