VAT Compliance

VAT insourcing, outsourcing and co-sourcing services adapted to your needs

The crowning discipline: VAT compliance

There are many facets to VAT compliance: a regulatory aspect, an economic one, and not least a very personal one.

After all, depending on the given country, legislation and standards, an incomplete or deficient declaration can trigger legal proceedings not only against the company, but also against those who are responsible for making sure the company is compliant. 

This means that within the company well-designed structures, clearly defined processes and slip-proof control mechanisms have to be set in place to ensure this does not occur.

Indirect Tax Edge

A single solution to manage the complexities of global indirect tax compliance reporting.

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VAT compliance services:

Swiss VAT compliance for established businesses

Swiss VAT compliance for non-established businesses

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VAT insourcing / co-sourcing /outsourcing services:

Best in class: Introducing ITX Edge. A single solution to manage the complexities of global indirect tax compliance reporting, suitable for global insourcing / co-sourcing / outsourcing projects.

Periodic Compliance Reporting

  • VAT Returns
  • Listings (Intrastat / ESL)
  • E-filing
  • Real-time reporting / SAF-T

Data & Process Quality

  • Continuous Controls Monitoring
  • Exception management
  • Automatic compliance checks


  • Full reconciliation of returns
  • Internal / External deadline
  • Compliance Obligation support
  • Audit trail of modifications and corrections

Partial Exemption

  • Supports complex partial exemption businesses
  • Automated data calculations


  • Self-service Dashboards
  • Deep-dive charts & metrics
  • Transactional history
  • Trend Analysis


  • Exception email alerts Tagging
  • Role-based workflows
  • Root cause analysis

You decide how much involvement you would like us to have, ranging from no involvement at all to preparatory or review services rendered by the local PwC partners.

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