First an apprenticeship – then a career

PwC is number one in terms of Audit, Tax and Legal as well as Advisory services. We look after businesses, public authorities, and high net worth individuals from 14 locations in Switzerland.

What does that mean for you as an apprentice? At PwC you can look forward to diverseand practical training in an exciting professional environment with great colleagues. We will give you profound knowledge and encourage you in your personal development. Because we're not just looking for expertise, but also team spirit, communication skills and a responsible attitude.

If you're engaged and curious, like working in teams, and are reliable, then we would like to meet you. And if you notice we're a bit informal - well, that's part of our corporate culture. We're all on first name terms - from our apprentices right through to the CEO.

Selina tells you more about her apprenticeship at PwC

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The best opportunities and much more ...

  • A good start in our company – thanks to a good introduction phase.
  • A varied apprenticeship covering the most important areas of the company.
  • First-class support and supervision from vocational trainers and instructors.
  • Regular orientation interviews – at least twice a year – at which you can discuss your progress with your vocational trainer.
  • A personal Buddy in your first year – a 2nd- or 3rd-year apprentice who will be available to give you practical advice and support.
  • Different learning pathways – which could take you right to the top.
  • A powerful support network where you can connect with other learners.
  • During your mandatory apprenticeship, we will meet any study costs, such as scheduled language lessons.
  • Apprentices receive a GA travel pass which allows you to travel free of charge throughout Switzerland by train, bus and tram.
  • You’ll also have one extra week’s holiday – apprentices get 6 weeks of vacation with us.
  • Up to an additional week of study leave before your final exam in the 3rd year.
  • Apprentice Day - exchanging experience, learning together and having fun - that's the point of our great Apprentice Day!

We ask for your enthusiasm and a little more ...

  • You're committed – as your excellent Secondary-School grades will show.
  • Your above-average Multicheck results will confirm you are suitable for our vocational training.
  • You'll have fluent language skills - depending on the region, you will have excellent German or French, and speak good English too.
  • You'll also have an interest in economics and law - because these are essential to our business.
  • You have an aptitude for figures, enjoy calculations, quickly see the overall picture, and can spot the correlations.
  • You get on well with people – and computers.
  • You like to carry responsibility, you motivate yourself and you are flexible.

Your training in our team

After three years with us, you will become a business professional in the respective fields of "Service & Administration" or "Trusts". If you are motivated and meet the requirements, you can then aspire to study for the Swiss Vocational Baccalaureate for commercial professions.
Your expertise will be gained directly through practical experience - therefore you will work and you learn in various departments. As our Swiss locations are sometimes quite diverse, your own learning path will always be a little different, depending on your particular location. But one thing will never change: the high-calibre education you receive. Our experienced vocational trainers from the various teams will accompany and support you along the way.



Service &







Geneva   x
Lausanne   x




Neuchâtel   x

St. Gallen


Zug   x




Your graduation

As a professional trustee, you should have a liking for figures and always work with precision. Your training for this important profession will involve a very focused preparation, for example in these departments ...

1st year

2nd year

3rd year

Rotation in e.g.

Human Resources or

Internal Accounting

Rotation ine.g.

Audit or Tax

Rotation in e.g.

Trust or Tax 

Human Capital

This involves the basic processes of human resources management, from recording new employees on the payroll via SAP, to the creation of employment contracts.



Our teams in this field are working on future-oriented topics in human resource management, for example on the design of modern payroll systems, systematic staff recruitment, or on confidence-building measures for the workforce in difficult times.


Trust department

Our CAS teams deal with the question of how to optimally organise accounting systems and payroll accounting. Our clients include companies from all over Switzerland, from one-man businesses up to large corporations. We advise, implement software solutions, and offer support according to the needs of each client.


Internal Audit

Our internal accounts department oversees all financial matters and ensures that debit and credit accounts are reconciled.



This demands an eye for detail. Our auditors assist audit teams working with clients, and will independently examine different features of the annual accounts under the microscope. Contact with clients is an everyday occurrence, so a responsible and friendly manner is a prerequisite.

This training provides the best foundation for a career in the service and administrative departments of modern organisations. You can expect an extremely varied learning experience which will look a bit different according to the orientation. Possible departments include ...

1st year

2nd year

3rd year

e.g Marketing

e.g. Human Capital

e.g. PR & Communications


The aim of our marketing teams is to strengthen our brand and deepen customer relationships. Whether it's a major campaign brochure on a specific topic or a customer event, you will have to plan carefully, implement effectively, and accurately assess outcomes.


PR & Communications

Our PR team is responsible for the dialogue with stakeholders such as journalists or employees. This is achieved using a broad range of channels from the Intranet, via the press release, and also on social media.


Human Capital

The primary reason for PwC's continued success is that we attract the best professionals. Therefore, the most important task for our Human Capital specialists is to optimise the PwC working environment so that this remains so in the future.


Flexible placements

In order to offer you plenty of variety, "Service & Administration" learning is designed to be very flexible. Wherever possible, we give you experience of other areas of interest, for example, team working in our  Trusts department.


Apprentice Day

Exchanging experience, learning together, and having fun - that's the point of our "Apprentice Day". At this twice-yearly event you'll meet up with all of PwC's Swiss students. So you will make some good contacts, get some useful advice, and perhaps pass on your own experiences. There will also be a technical workshop and a fun event. And what's more, you can practise your language skills by chatting with colleagues from the French- and German-speaking areas of Switzerland.

Your school education

Anyone who wants to make a real success of their professional training needs not just practical experience but a lot of expertise and a good general education - that's a fact. You'll gain this knowledge at a vocational business school! Two days a week you'll learn German, French and English, history and political science, economics, law and business administration, mathematics and information / communication / administration. In addition, there are some  courses which are more industry-focused. And internal course are also provided for technical issues which are very important to your work at PwC, giving you a very solid knowledge base. 

Your contract opens the doors to many different career pathways with us. You'll need to perform well, of course, but if you're motivated and continue to learn, everything in the PwC world is open to you.
  • Junior in Tax and Legal Services: training to become a professional trustee and then a tax expert
  • Junior in Auditing: training to become a professional trustee and then an auditor
  • Assistant to different Teams or Partners
  • Internal services, for example in the Human Resources Department, internal accounting etc.

At PwC you will have plenty of chances to develop your potential.

Our "Grow your own way" initiative is not mere empty words, but part of our corporate culture – and that's exactly what we encourage you to do.

Have you achieved some good results and want to continue your studies? We are happy to support you – with a part-time job, for example – so you can bring your college, job, and personal life all under one roof.

Professional training without study is also possible with us, in these particular areas:

  • Finance and Accounting professional
  • Marketing professional
  • HR professional
  • Assistant Manager

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