Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion is at the heart of our values, as we need to unleash and harness the talents of our entire workforce to ensure we help clients solve their important problems. At PwC, we advise organisations on how to unleash the hidden potential of their workforce and partners, how to sustain the change beyond another *initiative* and unlock new business opportunities and ensure customer satisfaction.


Build customer relationship

A team with a member who shares a client’s ethnicity is 152% more likely than another team to understand that client.1


Attract top talent

86% of female millennials identify an employer’s policy on diversity and inclusion as an important factor when deciding where to work.3


Improve the bottom line

85% of CEOs who have invested in diversity and inclusion programmes saw enhanced business performance.2


Increase innovation

78% of CEOs who have invested in D&I programmes have seen a greater capacity for innovation within their organisations.2


Our approach

Step 1

Make it personal – defining your business case through understanding today's facts

Leadership engagement is the first step in the journey to an Inclusive organization.

We define what is your organisations unique business case for why Inclusion & Diversity is good for business, by correlating your Inclusion & Diversity metrics with your business KPIs, highlighting where are the hot spots and areas to focus to step change business performance.

Step 2

Make a plan– building an inspirational strategy

We build with you an inspiring strategy to start and sustain the journey to Inclusion and Diversity, through engaging the Head, Heart and Hands of all employees.

Ensuring Inclusion is not seen as another HR initiative, is embedded in the how you do business, with clear accountability for how to measure and track progress.

Step 3

Equip leaders for success – skill building

Interactive and engaging, skill building sessions tailored to your workforce requirements, from the C-Suite to shopfloor workers, focusing on how to be Inclusive every day through:

  • Effective communication
  • Constructive conflict
  • High performing Diverse teams
  • Mitigating unconscious bias

Step 4

Sustain the change – inclusion nudges

Embedding Inclusion into the DNA of your organization through a series of Inclusion nudges*, ensuring we actively choose the path to Inclusion, from how you design products & services, facilities, people processes, partnerships, its how you do business.

*Nudge – coax or gently encourage (someone) to do something. Oxford English Dictionary


How Diversity & Inlusion is key for business success

Hover the circle to discover how to make diversity and inclusion personal.




Reducing the pay gap between male and female employees is a key success factor for today's organisations.

Learn more

The vision of diversity and inclusion is currently shifting in organisations with an increasing proportion of global CEOs focusing on diversity and inclusiveness strategies.

In this video, our PwC experts Aoife Flood and Sue Johnson talk about what organisations can do to make sure their strategies are successful now and in the future.


Articles and Research

Swiss company leadership & the gender divide (2008-2018)

Swiss company leadership & the gender divide (2008-2018)

Modern society is largely considered as "gender-equal". But women are still facing discrimination in areas such as education, salaries and political representation. This report aims to detail and quantify some remaining inequalities at the level of decision-making positions in Switzerland.

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Women in hospitality, travel and leisure

Women in hospitality, travel and leisure

We joined forces with Tea Colaianni - Chair of Women in Hospitality 2020, Korn Ferry, People 1st, Oxford Brookes and others to assess how equipped the industry is to achieve 33% female representation across boards and executive committees by 2020 - a target set by the Hampton-Alexander Review.

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Mandatory UK gender pay reporting – the story so far

Mandatory UK gender pay reporting – the story so far

The new PwC UK report Mandatory UK gender pay reporting – the story so far explores the detail behind the headline statistics and the positive actions that companies are taking to improve their gender pay gap. It also looks ahead to what companies should be doing now to prepare for the future.

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This is just an example of how we help companies become more Inclusive & Diverse, for more information please contact

Sue Johnson

People and Organisation Senior Manager, Geneva

+41 58 792 90 98


Johannes (Joop) Smits

People and Organisation Director, Geneva

+41 58 792 91 64