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Helping you attract, retain and harness the diverse talent your business needs to flourish

Why do companies come to us for help with diversity and inclusion?

It’s common sense that companies need a workforce of diverse talents and backgrounds to succeed in an increasingly complex and heterogeneous world. But actually achieving this workplace diversity and unlocking its potential involves a whole set of practical challenges. In our diversity and inclusion consulting practice we’re often approached by clients seeking support to enhance their employee's experience by:

  • Making an organisation more inclusive and diverse
  • Attracting more women to their organisation;
  • Retaining & developing diverse talent;
  • Identifying and mitigating systemic bias (for example gender bias or sexual discrimination) in their policies and practices;
  • Ensuring the employee lifecycle is fair and robust from application to exit;
  • Measuring and applying fair pay practices.

Organisations should focus on having not only a diverse workforce, but also an inclusive workforce. Business benefits really kick in when everyone comes to work feeling valued and recognised for who they are and the differences they bring.

Sue Johnson, Leader in Inclusion and Gender Balance Advisory

How do we help you achieve your diversity and inclusion goals?

On the basis of our experience we’ve evolved an approach that systematically addresses the four key components of diversity and inclusion management:


Initiatives tend to lose momentum if they’re not underpinned by a solid, intelligent strategy. Strategy means setting the direction for sustained change, defining action plans and accountability timeframes, designing and implementing governance models, and making fact-based decisions.



Even when you’re managing the soft factors, the best decisions are based on hard facts. Research-based practice and tailor-made metrics enable you to monitor progress, gain insights into your people and culture, and anticipate future changes to start building the workforce of the future.


Awareness and education

Education is key to sustained diversity efforts. The aim is to equip employees to be inclusive every day and rewire their behaviours and actions. An important part of this is training the trainers who champion diversity and foster an inclusive leadership mindset within your company.



Sustained diversity ultimately means inspiring people. We help you design and implement the varied components of an inspirational environment: action through others, events, trainings, thought leadership, and research and publications.

What can you expect if you come to us for support?

  • We’ll listen carefully to understand your needs and help you work out where your company is on its diversity and inclusion journey.
  • On this basis you can decide which of the four pillars − strategy, awareness & education, analytics and inspiration − can help you achieve your goals.
  • We work with a broad definition of diversity and inclusion that goes beyond gender.
  • Our approach is rooted in facts, backed by academic research and data provided by your company.
  • Through PwC’s global network, we can deliver initiatives across the world, harnessing our in-country expertise, insights and language skills.
  • We work as part of a team of human resource experts, so we can advise you on any HR challenges you face.

We’re a team of diversity and inclusion practitioners, academic experts and HR professionals with proven experience in making cultural change happen across sectors (profit, non-profit and academic), in both Swiss and global contexts.

What makes us qualified to help you manage your diversity and inclusion?
Sue Johnson is one of the “2019 Top 15 Champions of Diversity”

Sue Johnson has worked for almost a decade on Diversity & Inclusion, both as a practitioner within a global organisation leading the cultural change, and helping companies in Switzerland and beyond, to foster an Inclusive culture. One of her proudest achievements was forming and leading the International Dual Career Network (IDCN), a non-profit organisation dedicated to facilitating the job search of mobile partners, which we’re also part of.

Who else do we work with?

We partner with the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation to use a robust methodology to deliver EQUAL-SALARY certifications as well as thought leadership to clients.

The Swiss Federal Office for Gender Equality financially supported the
development of the EQUAL-SALARY certification as part of the Gender
Equality Act.

One of the most basic ways to value and recognise people is how we pay them. Research shows that when it comes to compensation, people value pay fairness the most, meaning when compared to their colleagues, do they receive equal pay for equal work?* Fairness is fundamental in creating an engaged and high performing workforce. How can people feel valued knowing or believing that someone else is paid differently for doing the same work?

Johannes (Joop) Smits, People & Organisation Director

Our Diversity & Inclusion initiatives

Diversity & Inclusion Course 2020

Are you a professional interested in building and managing a diverse and effective workforce? Follow our course to develop skills that will help you make your workplace more inclusive.

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Diversity & Inclusion at PwC

At PwC Switzerland, inclusion and diversity are seen as business imperatives not just nice-to-haves. We create value through diversity. We want a team in which all employees at PwC feel welcome and appreciated.

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