Inclusion & Diversity is the key to our business success

Indeed, diversity is one of the keys to our business success –in terms of both our employees and our client services. Every single person will bring new perspectives and a new set of experiences into our company, and they will help us to understand our clients and to offer them the best-possible services. Moreover, by having diverse teams, we are able to perceive risks and opportunities from various angles and thus develop innovative approaches and solutions. This is why Inclusion & Diversity are part of our everyday culture; we are all unique -and different.


Inclusion & Diversity form an integral part of our values

PwC aims to build trust in society and to solve important problems. And by committing to more diversity, that’s exactly what we do.

At PwC, we consider it crucial to create a working environment in which everyone can reach both their personal and their professional goals. Our company strategy of Inclusion & Diversity is intended to attract external talents and at the same time nurture open-mindedness concerning different cultures with all our employees. It comprises the following areas on the right.

Hear for yourself what our employees say about Inclusion & Diversity at PwC Switzerland, how they put these values into practice and what useful tips they can give you.

We talk about it and act accordingly – overview of our initiatives

Our initiatives in this respect are aligned to our values.
  • Reimagine the Possible – As a founder member of Advance (Link Page Advance), we aim to increase the proportion of our female staff in leading positions on a continuous basis.
  • Work Together – Our Diversity networks are working together to solve important problems.
  • Make a Difference – Being an Impact Founder of „HeforShe“, both our male and our female colleagues are working towards more gender equality.
  • Care – We also listen to the voices of our youngest employees and ensure their basic rights.
  • Act with Integrity – in order to ensure that all employees are assessed on a fair basis, we also need to ensure that opinions and viewpoints are unbiased, and we train this by means of our Global Open Minds portal.