Benefits at PwC

At PwC, we offer a comprehensive benefits package. We understand that our employees have unique needs, and we strive to provide benefits that support their health, well-being, flexible work, and everyday life.

Your Care and Wellbeing Benefits

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Be Well, Work Well

PwC is committed to creating an environment of sustainable performance and supporting our people in staying well. “Be Well, Work Well” is PwC’s effort to create an environment with thriving employees who are energised and in balance across four dimensions of energy: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. You can benefit from a range of offerings: sustainable performance workshops, self-leadership and resilience sessions, mindfulness apps, nutrition webinars, yoga courses etc.

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Employee Assistance Service

Life has its ups and downs. We get that. Our free-of-charge, confidential Employee Assistance Service aims to provide our employees access to confidential counselling and advice and to assist them when they experience stressful events, times, or situations or deal with overwhelming emotions.

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Family Assistance

PwC Switzerland has partnered with familizy to help you with the search for a place in a daycare centre, recruitment of a nanny, schooling information, consulting, and nearby childcare solutions.

Your Flexible Work Benefits

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Hybrid Flexible Working Model

We know flexibility is the new norm. That’s why you are empowered to work from the place that best suits your workday. PwC’s Hybrid Flexible Model enables you to spend part of your time working in the office and part at home (provided this is your preference) – unless you’re at your clients’ premises, which is of course always the priority.

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Part-time work

Whether you’re a student, a parent, or simply looking for a more manageable work schedule, part-time work can be an excellent option.

Dress for your day
Dress for your day

At PwC, we dress for our day. From dressing casually for coffee with the team to sometimes choosing business attire for client meetings. Every day is different; every client is different. Each day consider your work ahead. What will you be doing? Where will you be? Whom will you be with? We trust you to choose clothes that best represent yourself and the PwC brand that day.

Your Vacation and Leave Benefits

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Parental leave

Becoming a parent is unforgettable. We don't want you to miss a moment of it. 

Maternity leave: 100% remuneration paid for sixteen weeks (instead of the compulsory 80% and – except for Geneva – fourteen weeks) after childbirth

Paternity leave: 100% remuneration paid (instead of compulsory 80%) for two weeks (ten days) within the first six months after childbirth

Adoption leave: For the primary caretaker: 100% remuneration paid for seven weeks (instead of compulsory 0%), starting at the day of the adoption. Your adopted child must be below the age of fourteen years for you to be eligible for paid leave.

Flexibility benefit for both caretakers: After your return from maternity, paternity or adoption leave you can choose to work at 60% for 4 weeks or at 80% for 8 weeks at full pay. 

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We know it’s essential to take time away from work. Whether you get your energy from climbing mountains or spending time with family, you’ll get 25 days of vacation per financial year to refresh and recharge! And colleagues from age 50, directors and apprentices are entitled to 30 days’ vacation.

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Purchase more vacation if you wish

Thinking about additional time off? You can purchase up to five additional vacation days per financial year in addition to your annual entitlement.

Paid Leave
Paid leave

A specific event might require your special attention. Therefore you can take time-off for special personal events such as your wedding, relocation, statutory duties, military, civil protection or civilian service and other events.

Your Workplace and Technology Benefits

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Mobile Communication Services

Get a mobile subscription for business and private use with no data limitation and make and receive phone calls worldwide with no voice limitations at a very attractive price.

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Tablets and cell phones

Claim CHF 500.- every two years for a new iOS (Apple) mobile phone and CHF 600.- every three years for a new iOS (Apple) tablet (for Managers and above).

Your Perks and Extras

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You’re passionate about doing good and making a difference? That’s great, so are we. You can follow your passion by doing volunteer work.

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My Benefits

My Benefits is a portal that allows you to access various special offers and exclusive discounts from major retailers in the areas of entertainment, fashion, sports, travel, electronics and many more!

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Half Fare Travelcard

Get the SBB Half Fare Travelcard reimbursed. You can use it for both business and private purposes.

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Reka Card

You can benefit from a 20% discount from payments on the Reka Card of up to CHF 1000 per year.

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Health insurance

You can benefit from discounted health insurance offers from our trusted partners. 

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Accident insurance

With the additional accident insurance, you are covered for private ward in case of any accidents worldwide. 

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Pension fund

Securing your tomorrow, today: Our very own pension fund provides you with generous contributions and tailored saving plans. Dive into our one-pager to uncover the benefits of our pension fund.

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We are equal-salary certified!

Equal Salary Certification

Our vision is to be an equal opportunity and equal salary employer. To show our commitment for our vision, we strived for Equal-Salary certification, an external audit of equal pay between men and women.

We are proud to announce that as of 29 October 2018, we are entitled to carry the “equal-salary certified” label. This means, for the same job in your team and considering your age, years of experience and other factors, we pay the same total compensation irrespective of your gender.


My vision as CEO of PwC Switzerland is to be an equal opportunity and equal salary employer. I am proud that we have achieved an official certification of equal compensation between women and men by the Equal-Salary Foundation. With the external certification, we are demonstrating our commitment to walk the talk of our diversity strategy and are a role model for solving gender discrimination across the globe.

Andreas Staubli, CEO PwC Switzerland

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