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Get an overview of the services offered by our three PwC lines of service as well as our internal firm services.

Assurance services

Annual and consolidated accounts
We can audit your annual and consolidated accounts and interim statements in accordance with relevant Swiss and international accounting standards, such as Swiss GAAP FER, IFRS or US GAAP. As the largest accounting firm in Switzerland, we work with numerous companies from various industries. Thus, our experts not only have profound knowledge, but also possess a wealth of experience, so we can offer our clients tailor-made solutions.

Special audits
Clients can rely on our expert advice for specific problems such as special audits, business start-ups, capital reduction or capital increase accounting, IPOs and litigation expert reports.

Other assurance services

System and process management
We can help our clients merge their business models and processes, IT systems and control functions. As a result processes can be designed to render accurate financial statements, and system- and data-processing risks are minimised.

Internal control systems
Internal control systems are an important tool to increase confidence in a business and thus strengthen its brand image. We can help our clients comply with laws and internal policies and ensure business decisions are based on reliable data. We can also offer our clients targeted advice so that properly controlled business processes will run smoothly and integrate seamlessly.

Internal audit 
The internal audit helps the Board of Directors to ensure a business is run under proper controls. An internal audit process will include an evaluation of risk management and control systems, plus recommendations for improvement. We can offer our clients strategic advice plus a complete or partial outsourcing of the audit procedure.

Tax and legal

Corporate tax
On request, we will take care of all tax matters, whether locally, in the whole of Switzerland or worldwide. This can include help with restructuring, deals or joint ventures. We can also support the establishment of tax-efficient group or holding structures, the development of modern financial instruments, and the design of funds or cash pooling structures. Naturally, we can also complete tax returns for you and negotiate with the tax authorities on your behalf.

Value added tax
We can help set up a VAT organisation or negotiate with national and international tax authorities - and thus create added value for our clients. We can also provide support during audits and appeal procedures, or undertake administrative tasks.

Private clients
If you wish to invest assets in tax-efficient, legally compliant schemes as a high net worth individual, entrepreneur or manager, you may approach us with confidence. We offer different solutions which may include companies, foundations or trusts. If you decide to purchase real estate abroad or are seeking to tax-optimise your investment portfolio, our international, interdisciplinary teams are there to support you.

Human resources & administration
What are the implications for income tax and social security contributions when employees move to another country? Which strategy should competing companies adopt in the 'war for talent'? What's the best way to win the confidence of new employees after a company takeover? And how should you develop a market and performance based wage system? We can support your business by helping you find the right answers to these and many other questions.

Company administration services
PwC's trust department is responsible for everything from outsourcing to consultancy in the specialist areas related to accounting and payroll tasks. With ABACUS we can offer our clients a powerful software solution – which,of course, also includes implementation, training and support. Whether you are a small business or an international group, and whether your service is on-site or within our offices - we are there for you.

Whether the focus is company law, contract law, intellectual property law or competition law, you won't get far without an expert, particularly in cross-border transactions. We can support our clients with highly specialised lawyers who can not only design the legal frameworks, but also represent their interests in negotiations and dealings with authorities.


Corporate finance / Valuation
When buying or selling the most important consideration is the prospect. We evaluate our client's strategic options and identify possible purchase targets. Afterwards, we structure the transaction, plan funding and prepare completion documentation.

Transactions services
Due diligence is the most important element in any transaction. We review strategic options, weigh up opportunities and risks and thus determine whether a proposed transaction is an investment with prospects.


Strategy & operations
How do market developments and internal goals affect strategies, operational models and associated systems, processes and people? We help our clients to better understand this tightly integrated system, develop strategies and optimise the value chain. We can develop custom solutions to meet the needs and circumstances of different sectors.

Business technology
The recipe for success for a competitive company in the longer term includes business processes which are flexible and cost-effective. This in turn demands that IT and business should mesh together seamlessly. We help our clients to meet this challenge by optimising their IT infrastructure and adapting their personnel management.

We support CEO and CFO, auditors and managers of finance teams in optimising their finance departments and thus helping to improve business performance. We also make sure that our clients' financial systems have adequate control standards, and efficient back-office facilities.

Risk & compliance / Forensics
Clear legal regulations, voluntary commitments and an enterprise-wide risk management all strengthen the confidence of stakeholders and thus the business. We help our clients to comply with internal and external requirements. And likewise, we also support them in the fight against all forms of economic crime, and help to optimise operating models and business cultures.

Cyber Security
Our Cyber Security Services enable a secure and sustainable transformation to digital with security, data protection and regulatory consultancy. They help clients secure their digital infrastructures and processes against advanced cyber threats and support with advanced incident response capabilities in case of attacks.

Data & Analytics
Data has value when it becomes actionable information. Our Data & Analytics specialists understand this reality. With their expertise in data transformation, quantitative modelling, predictive analytics and machine learning they help improve the value of the strategic resource that facilitates business decisions, increases cost efficiencies, drives revenue goals, addresses risk and compliance issues, and moves the businesses forward.

Internal Services

The performance of individual employees at PwC is supported and facilitated by strong teams which serve as the basis for our services. So in the internal service department you can expect a range of exciting and varied tasks. PwC staff are supervised by Human Capital. The Marketing and PR & Communications departments are responsible for the PwC brand image and takes care of communications with all stakeholders. The Client Development team builds new client relationships, and the Infrastructure & Technology Services team ensures the smooth operation of all IT systems. Finance department colleagues monitor the flow of money throughout the company, and the Legal department handles all legal issues and monitors business risks. The Procurement department has the task of managing the contracts with our business partners.


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