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The benefit of an audit of financial statements is that it provides assurance to stakeholders – shareholders, CEOs, creditors, customers, suppliers, tax inspectors, and potential investors – that management has presented a “true and fair” view of a company’s financial performance and position. At PwC, we strive to serve our clients using innovative, state-of-the-art tools and methodologies, while at the same time providing reliable services our clients can depend on in their day-to-day operations.

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Five reasons why to join our audit team 

There are many reasons to join our audit team, here just a few:

6 reasons why

1. Client interactions are key!

You’ll spend a lot of time with your clients to understand their processes and financial controls in place  ̶  often be involved in meetings with management and C-level. This gives you a deep look behind the scenes of a company only an auditor receives.

6 resaons why

2. Excel your learning curve!  

PwC supports you with relevant qualifications (e.g. Certified Public Accountant CPA), trainings and learnings on and off the job. 

6 reasons why

3. Our people! 

Talents come to PwC for a lot of reasons  ̶  our people are one of them. PwC is a firm where you are surrounded by smart, dynamic and forward-thinking people which you can learn from every day. You’ll be working together in teams and benefit from our international network of experts and our specialists from the service lines. In this way, we create great added value for our clients and receive new impulses every day.

6 reasons why

4. A multi-faceted job!

Our job is multi-faceted and offers many insights into the most diverse areas - because our client spectrum ranges from family-run SME’s to large multinationals. Together we create trust by ensuring that shareholders, banks, employees and many other people can make good use of our clients' financial information and can rely on them. 

5 reasons

5. Understand your clients from the inside out!

When we look after our clients from a wide variety of industries, we first have to understand their business model, company culture and potential in order to be able to interpret their numbers correctly. Up close and personal, and in conversations with your client, you will gain deep insights into what drives these diverse companies and what makes them so special.

Why Audit at PwC?

There are many reasons why to start your career in audit at PwC. Discover our Audit Land, introducing you to the exciting world of audit and showing you the benefits of a career in audit at PwC. 

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Become a Swiss Certified Public Accountant (CPA) 

Benefit from the fact that PwC will support and finance your four-year programme to become a Swiss Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and provide you with paid study leave.

Here more about how we’ll support you:
  • Comprehensive internal introductory courses, and numerous internal training courses that will help you get started. 

  • Full financial support and comprehensive time support for the Swiss Certified Public Accountant expert education.

  • With preparation seminars for each of the module examinations of the certified public accountant education as well as practice simulations to prepare for the final examination.

  • Experienced colleagues that will support you and from whom you can learn from

  • Paid study leaves plus sufficient additional time (vacation and paid overtime) to prepare for the Swiss CPA exams (modules and final exam). 

  • Cash premiums upon graduation.

At PwC we are #AuditorProud

Find out here why we at PwC Switzerland are #AuditorProud and more personal stories from our audit team. 

Career Start in Audit FAQ

When do I need to apply?

The recruiting for a career start in our Audit teams starts one year prior to start date. We have some positions vacant until the near term in some locations, please see our job openings on our career page for clarification.

Do you accept applications throughout the year?

Yes, you can apply throughout the whole year via our career page, but usually the start date is in Autumn. Please check the job ads on our career page.

Can I start my career throughout the year or are their fixed starting dates?

We have fixed start dates, with our graduates start in October and our interns in November. 

Can I do an internship in audit?

Yes, we offer internships in audit every year. They usually start in November and have a duration of 6 months.

Are there recruitment events I can take part in?

Yes, we offer events for students and graduates where you can learn more about the job of an auditor at PwC. You can find upcoming events here.

What educational background do I require to join the audit team?

We are looking for graduates in their final year of study (Bachelor / Master) in the fields of economics, (business) computer science or STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). 

For an internship you should be in the 4th semester at a university or university of applied sciences. Generally, we are open to all fields of studies if we are feeling your motivation for auditing. 

How do I get more insights into audit before applying?

In our PwC’s Virtual Case Experience in Audit you’ll work on simulated client projects virtually, from wherever you are and on your own time. Find more information here.

Will I still be able to earn my diploma as a Swiss Certified Public Accountant? 

Yes, you can do the diploma as a Swiss Certified Public Accountant (SCPA) and naturally we'll help - by giving you the time and financial support you need.

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