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Family Business Stories

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Get new perspectives and insights with the Family Business Stories podcast series

Successful family businesses have a healthy balance of vision, responsibility and dynamism – within both the family and the company.

So, in our podcast series, we’re focusing on a range of major topics that concern the family entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow: family office and asset planning, family governance, value structure, successor planning, digitalisation, innovation and much more.

Together with experts from a range of industries, we tackle important issues and offer new perspectives as well as far-sighted answers – from behind the microphone.

Family Office Podcast

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Episode 7: Defining sustainability as an opportunity

This episode focuses on sustainability. We will take a look at the different approaches to defining it. We will also talk about its impact, sustainable investments and the opportunities that it presents for family businesses and family offices. Lastly, we will consider how the next generation can use sustainability to contribute to companies and growing wealth.



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Episode 6: What you need to consider before moving abroad

More and more wealthy people and business-owning families are considering moving abroad, whether for private, professional or business reasons, as a result of COVID-19 or because a new chapter in their life is beginning. This episode of our podcast looks at aspects that you should consider and clarify before moving. Topics include tax residence, tax privileges, flat-rate taxation, freedom of movement and legal structures, as well as wills and  pensions.



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Episode 5 - How your family office can benefit from the tax reform

New taxation rules, which have been adapted to the international standard, entered into force in Switzerland on 1 January 2020. The fifth episode of our Family Business Stories is dedicated to the effects and opportunities arising from this tax reform. We explain why international multi-corporations with the previous tax regimes are not the only companies that should pay attention to the new provisions. Step-up with grandfathering rules or replacement measures like the patent box or research and development deduction can also be attractive for family offices with subsidiaries operating in Switzerland, Swiss family businesses and SMEs.

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Episode 4 - How to create sustainable family office structures for your assets

In the fourth episode of our Family Business Stories, we take a look at future-proof structures for the family office. Complexity surrounding international assets is growing, regulatory pressure and the pressure to disclose are on the rise and COVID-19 is limiting the scope for movement and action. We recommend that family offices and asset owners rethink their (sometimes traditional) structures, streamline them where necessary and establish their hubs in countries where they can demonstrate substance that is sustainable and fiscally acceptable. 

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Episode 3 - How to organise governance and operations for your family office

In the third episode we take a look at the governance and operational organisation of a family office. The family has to decide who is the owner, shareholder and final decision-maker. In most cases, it pays off to set up an Investment Council. And selecting the family officer is just as important, as they act as the contact person and trusted partner, and run the family office. The family officer usually specialises in certain asset classes and must understand their scope of action. The family and the family officer need to exchange views regularly and clarify how the costs are passed on to the users of the family office.

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Episode 2 - How to clarify key strategy questions for your family office

The second episode is dedicated to the strategic principles for setting up a single family office. This includes the vision for the family assets, as well as goals, values and room for manoeuvre. The various duties, such as asset accounting, controlling, reporting, regulation of successor issues and community engagement, are derived from the strategy. This then leads on to operational decisions like choosing a location, personnel, compensation model, budget and network. We also pay special attention to harmonising company, family and private assets as well as the associated interests.

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Episode 1 - Why family businesses are increasingly starting a family office

In this episode, we talk about setting up a family office with the aim of structuring family assets in a sensible manner, exploiting cost and value creation advantages and avoiding conflicts of interest. We discuss the differences between a single-family office, a closed multi-family office and a commercial multi-family office. We also explain what type of family office is appropriate depending on the volume of assets and how to find a suitable family officer.

Family Governance Podcast 

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Episode 4 - Family Governance: how corporate governance, family governance and roles interact in the family business (only available in German)

Corporate governance, family governance and roles in the family business: Reto Blaser, Catharina Prym and Roman Leimer focus on these three topics in the latest podcast episode. Building on the previous series of podcasts about family governance, in this episode you will gain more insights from our family business experts and learn about how you can deal with these issues in your family business.

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Episode 3 - What does an ownership strategy include? (only available in German)

In this episode of the family governance podcast, Roman Leimer and Catharina Prym lead you through the first three rooms of the strategy house: membership, self-image, business model. Over the course of 18 minutes, our “open house” gives you some valuable insights into an advisory process which systematically accompanies family businesses to create a sustainable strategy – objective by objective, room by room.

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Episode 2 - Family Governance: Developing and living an ownership strategy (only available in German)

With an ownership strategy, you’ll have a more consistent image of what the interaction between the family and the company entails. The family constitution as a verbalised form simplifies your future dialogue with each other.

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Episode 1 - Family Governance: Never too early to secure the future (only available in German)

Different demands emerge from the tension between money, power and love. With family governance you can create clarity about needs, goals and behaviour. It is never too early to secure the future.

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