EQUAL-SALARY Certification

EQUAL-SALARY certification is good for business

An Inclusive and Diverse workforce is increasingly recognised by organisations as key to (business) success. This is demonstrated through: improved financial performance, better attraction and retention of talent, more innovation and deeper customer insight.

Globally the wage earning workforce consists of 52% men and 48% women, so ensuring gender equality is a top priority for organisations. Many countries are introducing legislation regarding gender diversity amongst the C-suite, and working to ensure that men and women are paid equally for equal work.

The pay gap between men and women carrying out equal work globally is approximately 20%, which widens to 45% for the top 1% of earners and varies from country to country (source: ILO 2016 Global Wage Report).

EQUAL-SALARY is an independent non-profit foundation with the aim to promote equal pay for men and women around the world. Together with the University of Geneva, the foundation has developed a robust methodology for objective pay analysis.



How can your organisation commit to Inclusion & Diversity?

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How can your organisation commit to Inclusion & Diversity?

Step 1: Statistical analysis

Company employee data is provided to the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation for analysis through a secured IT platform.

All data is made anonymous prior to analysis and compensation data is destroyed after the statistics report has been transmitted.

Using the equal-salary statistical regression method, the wage difference observed needs to be inferior or equal to 5% and the R² is ≥ 90% to proceed to step 2.

A list of individual employee cases falling outside this criteria are provided, enabling the company to put in place a specific action plan demonstrating their commitment to equal pay for men and women.

Step 3: Certification

Depending on the result of the PwC review, the Company is awarded the EQUAL-SALARY Label from the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation.

The EQUAL-SALARY Label can be used on all Company communication such as it’s company website, recruitment advertisements, letter heads, annual reports.

Step 2: On-site Review (PwC)

On-site review carried out by the PwC equal-salary Team following international standards on quality management to assess the:

  1. Management’s commitment to equal pay for men and women;
  2. Integration of equal pay strategies into the HR processes and policies;
  3. Employees’ perception of their company’s pay practices.

Step 4: Monitoring Reviews

The EQUAL-SALARY Certification is valid for three years, during that period Certified Companies must submit to two monitoring reviews to demonstrate their ongoing commitment and fulfilment of actions to apply a fair, non-discriminatory wage policy between men and women.


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