Gender Equality Act: amendments that bring new opportunities

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How do the Gender Equality Act amendments impact your organisation?

July 2020 marked a turning point for public and private organisations in Switzerland with the entry into force of the amended Federal Act on Gender Equality. The amendments of the law require that companies with more than 100 employees conduct an equal pay analysis by 30 June 2021.

To learn more on the specifics of the law and how your company is impacted, listen to our webcast.

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How can we support your organisation?

Our data scientists and Diversity & Inclusion experts bring deep expertise on all matters relating to equal pay. Furthermore, PwC’s longstanding partnership with the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation enables us to support organisations from all industries and of all sizes and complexities to close the gender pay gap.

PwC’s multicultural experts offer a wide range of services that will help you assess your compliance with the law. As a world-leading auditing firm, we collaborate with an extensive network to provide solutions with local resources to lead positive change.

Analysis with the Equal-Salary methodology

Analysis with the EQUAL-SALARY methodology

As a company, you are unique. So should be the method you use to analyse potential disparities within your organisation.

By using the tailor-made methodology developed by the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation, all factors influencing your remuneration philosophy are taken into account. This allows you to implement customised actions that benefit your workforce and your performance.

The EQUAL-SALARY methodology has been validated to be compliant with the new legal requirements in Switzerland.

Equal Salary certification

EQUAL-SALARY certification

Equal pay is more than an obligation, it’s a basic human right. By becoming an EQUAL-SALARY certified organisation, you go a step further than the legal requirements.

The EQUAL-SALARY certification puts you at the forefront of real change, creating the equal and inclusive workplace of the future. Along with giving an ethical boost, it helps you create public trust, motivate employees and attract the very best to you.

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Analysis with Logib

Analysis with Logib

The Swiss Confederation developed a standard analysis tool for assessing equal pay practices. We can offer guidance on how best to fulfil your obligations while using this tool.

External Audit

External audit

To comply with the law, your pay analysis needs to be reviewed by an external auditor by 30 June 2022. PwC acts as an independent body and carries out the legally required review of internal pay analysis conducted with Logib.

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