PwC’s Global Gender Pay Compass

Find out more on how gender pay regulations in different countries affect your organisation

Knowing the gender pay rules in the countries where you are operating

Why do you need to know the gender pay laws and regulations in the countries you are operating in?

Gender equality is gaining traction all over the world. More and more stakeholders expect companies to practice equality. Sticking to the rules, or even going a step further, can enhance your reputation with customers, employees (current and prospective), regulators and the public. Do your homework on gender equality and pay and you will not only save yourself a lot of trouble but also spot opportunities you did not know existed.

As an executive or HR manager running a business internationally – or planning to operate in other countries – it is crucial to know the laws and sanctions governing gender equality in the relevant territories. 

Want to know more about gender equalities regulations around the world? Check out our new interactive Global Gender Pay Compass.


Global Gender Pay Compass

What does the Gender Pay Compass tell you?

Our Global Gender Pay Compass is a straightforward tool summarising the most important facts on the gender pay equality legislation and sanctions in place in countries all over the world.

As you will see from the different colours on the map, we have categorised each territory according to the relevant laws and sanctions in place. Dive deeper and you will find more detailed information on the general law, specific measures and penalties in a particular country as well as your local PwC specialist.


Gender Equality Certification

For more information on groundbreaking certification proving your commitment to equal pay, check out PwC’s Equal-Salary web page.

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EQUAL-SALARY certification is good for business

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