International Accounting

Take a break from your compliance challenges

Wouldn’t it be great to take a break from compliance challenges and let other people handle your statutory financial statements in different countries? PwC’s International Compliance Excellence Service lets you do precisely that. With the world’s leading company for the entire range of international statutory accounting services looking after this side of your business, you can get on with the tasks you do best.

Get us to standardise the way your local financial statements are prepared around the world. We will then harness potential interfaces from your ERP systems to collect the necessary data and reconcile your group GAAP (e.g. IFRS, US GAAP, etc.) to local GAAP history, and make the process of auditing local statutory financial statements more time- and cost-efficient.

How we can help

We have standardised accounting processes, which we apply to all global engagements, plus a standardised data collection model for storing your documents and files. We use our coordination and analytical tools to harmonise all accounting data needed to prepare your statutory financial statements. Whether you opt for our standardised model or a solution tailored to your own requirements, you will reap the rewards of greater operational efficiency and time-savings due to smooth interaction between all parties involved.

The solutions and technologies provided by our international accounting people won’t just standardise and enhance the preparation of your statutory financial statements worldwide. We will also help you transform the way you manage things, taking an innovative and differentiated approach to increase your operational efficiency and reduce operational costs. Whether you are planning to enter into a new market abroad or centralise your finance management function in a shared service centre, our International Accounting Services will help you make the transformation process a success.

Our central coordination team uses state-of-the-art tools, readily accessible 24/7 via web, to keep you up to date on the status of the preparation process over all services you have requested around the world. They work closely with our local offices and experienced accounting and tax compliance teams located around the globe – while providing you with a single point of contact. You can rely on us to solve problems smoothly and quickly to mitigate possible compliance risks.

Our multi-disciplinary team in Switzerland has in-depth experience in global compliance and reporting gathered in transformation initiatives across the world. Whatever compliance requirements you face, you can count on the best outcomes thanks to the best technology and processes worldwide. And we make sure you continue to get the best outcomes, drawing on our state-of-the-art tools and all-round compliance expertise to constantly enhance the efficiency of our service delivery.

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You benefit from a combination of the best state-of-the-art technologies, including our world-leading coordination and analytical tools. And there’s more to come: we continuously invest in the next generation digital solutions to increase your operational efficiency. The advantages for you are clear-cut: the latest technology maximises value over the entire process and substantially reduces your IT investment costs.

These are your advantages

More resources

You will have more resources for your business

worldwide control

You will have central visibility and control over the preparation process, worldwide

integrate our resources

You will be able to add our resources and experience to your own


You will have access to the latest technology, for maximum value and lower costs

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