Cyber Threat Intelligence

Providing the information you and your security people need to come up with the right decisions and responses

Why do you need tailored cyber threat intelligence?

With cyber attacks frequent and widely covered by the media, it’s understandable that businesspeople can feel insecure. The concerns aren’t unfounded: opponents have become increasingly sophisticated and are patient, well-funded and more advanced than ever in terms of the tools and techniques they have at their disposal. Your best defence is tailored threat intelligence.

Why tailored? Unsorted data from different channels and feeds can lead to confusion about the effective threats you face. Confusion is not what you want: when it comes to protecting your organisation from cyber-attacks, every relevant piece of data and every minute you manage to stay ahead of the threat actors counts.

So it’s important to work directly with a threat intelligence partner – someone with the in-house skills, global and local resources, and expertise needed to provide both technical and strategic support at each stage of the threat intelligence journey.

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We make it easy for you to make life difficult for hackers.

Are you prepared? 

Cyber threats are the top concerns faced and recognised by the CEOs of leading companies and industries. In 2022, 100% of Swiss CEOs express increasing anxieties about cyber threats, an increase of 7% versus the previous year. CEOs in North America and Western Europe even consider them to be the top threat. Now’s the time to move from being reactive to become proactive. You might want to ask yourself some questions:

  • Is your executive board aware of the cyber threats and risks that your organisation faces?
  • Are your information security managers aware of the global and local cyber threat landscape and how threat actors could hit your organisation? 
  • Is your security budget aligned with the evolving cyber threats? 
  • Are you able to make the right decisions when choosing third-party suppliers? 
  • Do you know how your readiness compares with other companies and industries?

If the answer to any of these is ‘no’, we can work with your organisation to help.

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How do we make sure you get what you need?

Wherever your organisation stands in terms of threat intelligence security, we have the tools and services to provide you with exactly what you need – whether it’s information for reporting to your key stakeholders, additional proactive data for your security and IT teams or support in developing your own threat intelligence capabilities.

Usually we start by doing an initial assessment of your cyber threat landscape, and then inform you on a monthly or bi-monthly basis about relevant updates so that you’re aware of the dynamics and threats you’re likely to face. This approach enables you stay up to date about evolving cyber threats and request additional security-relevant information if needed.

What do you get out of our cyber threat intelligence?

In-depth, global visibility and tailored recommendations

You receive crucial intelligence on the overall and local threat landscape from our Swiss experts, informed by our global incident response services. 

Timely technical details of new and innovative attacks

You have the information you need to stay ahead of threat actors and hunt for evidence of compromise on your network.

Informed risk-based decisions

Based on a strategic outlook on the threat landscape we provide holistic and clear information to Senior Executives and Security stakeholders.

Global knowledge, local experience

PwC Cybersecurity contributes value by bridging the gap between the enormous amount of information available globally and what you as a Swiss organisation really need to make the right business and security-relevant decisions.

What makes us different from other threat intelligence providers?

  • PwC is globally recognised as a leader in cyber security (Forrester & Gartner) with more than 3500 local and global experts, and more than 100 cyber threat intelligence experts.
  • PwC has an additional 600+ incident response engagements that complement and extend its cyber threat intelligence expertise with knowledge of the latest cyber attacks.
  • PwC’s valuable cyber threat intelligence was used in various global cyber attacks, including Operation Cloud Hopper.
  • PwC has three global centres of excellence in cyber threat intelligence to support clients around the clock according to the “Follow the Sun” model.

Where do you stand?

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