Privacy and consumer protection

Revitalising privacy and trust in a data-driven world

Transform your business by increasing consumer trust

The new data privacy requirements are a great opportunity to transform your business by increasing consumer trust.

Imagine having…

  • Clarity on exactly how much data you need to achieve your business objectives
  • Visibility into what data is collected, how it’s used and how it’s shared
  • Alignment across the organisation on how to protect data throughout its life cycle
  • Comfort for senior executives around the level of protection for sensitive data
  • Good return on investment on the tools and solutions used to protect data

PwC’s privacy transformation approach provides an end-to-end programme to align your business risks with your business goals, enabling your team to understand the impact of privacy, build trust and create opportunities that spark growth.

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Our services and solutions

Discover & analyse

Understand your personal data footprint and privacy risks

We give you an initial overview of your exposure to privacy requirements. We do this by helping you (1) identify structured and unstructured data types, scale and jurisdictions; and (2) analyse existing privacy risks based on the current and planned future collection, use and sharing of personal data.

Assess & recommend

Give your stakeholders the confidence that you comply with privacy requirements

Our comprehensive maturity assessment focuses on all the principles of effective data privacy management. Based on our best practice framework, we analyse your current privacy and data protection capabilities against current and planned uses of personal data, identify capability gaps, and develop a prioritised remediation plan right-sized to your organisational goals, objectives and risk profile.

Design & build

Implement robust privacy capabilities to mitigate privacy risks and establish sustainable privacy controls

We help you design and implement effective and sustainable privacy programme capabilities in compliance with global, national and local requirements across key privacy domains:

  • Strategy and governance
  • Policy management
  • Cross-border data transfer
  • Data life-cycle management
  • Individual rights processing
  • Privacy by design
  • Information security
  • Incident management
  • Data processor accountability
  • Training and awareness

Operate & monitor

Bring privacy compliance into operation

We help you manage ongoing “business as usual” compliance mechanisms to assure continued accountability. We do this by giving you access to proven PwC checklists and templates for creating the required documents and comply with accountability requirements. Where needed, we advise you on the most appropriate technology to relieve your privacy practitioners from paper, Excel- or Word-based documentation, and filing requirements.


Adopt a data privacy certification and/or assurance programme

We help you select the right attestation framework or certification based on your organisational needs and our experience. We typically use either our proprietary Data Privacy Control Framework consisting of 700+ control criteria mapped against the main legal requirements, or other frameworks such as the GDPR-CARPA from Luxembourg or the NOREA-PCF from the Netherlands. We can also help you gain certification in line with the ISO 27701:2019 standard. As a result, you get a controls attestation report or a certificate based on recognised international audit standards.

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