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Transform how you manage and protect critical systems

As IT networks become more complex and distributed, organisations face the challenge of managing an ever-increasing number of endpoints. The partnership between PwC and Tanium combines our deep expertise in cyber security and digital transformation with Tanium’s unified endpoint management and security platform, to help organisations better manage and secure the enterprise environment.

Our strategic alliance with Tanium has been evolving since 2013. This has enabled us to gain valuable, quick insight into our clients' endpoints, including laptops, servers, virtual machines, containers, and cloud infrastructure.

Our team of Tanium experts have developed unique capability on top of the Tanium platform that allows us to help our clients solve important problems. We have won awards for innovation and service excellence from Tanium, and have a number of our team members recognised as ‘Tanium Titans’.

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Services and solutions

Cyber Compromise Discovery Assessment

Our Compromise Discovery Assessment is a short term, proactive discovery exercise to identify threat activity within your IT estate, as well as unwanted activity – everything from high-severity targeted intrusions through to low-severity unwanted programs. For situations that require a sustained period of response activities, you will have rapid on-demand access to our global Cyber Incident Response team to help you contain and investigate the incident. Our service also provides visibility into a range of security risk, health and hygiene indicators that may be placing your environment at an elevated risk of sustained compromise. The insights gained from this exercise include the identification of:

  • Misconfigured user accounts and groups that would facilitate an attacker’s movement to your most valuable assets. For example, the identification of all domain users being part of a local admin group on a number of servers, which would facilitate privilege escalation.
  • OS and application vulnerabilities that attackers can abuse to infiltrate your systems and retain a foothold in the environment.
  • Compliance configuration drift degrading the protections in place to prevent a successful cyber attack.

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Cyber Risk Visualisation

Our Cyber Risk Visualisation Service gives you insight into potential high-risk threat vectors and gaps in the visibility and control over your IT estate, by using a data-driven approach. By gathering data from machines in your IT estate through Tanium, we can answer questions around, for example, the number of unmanaged IT assets, how many computers are not running critical software, what type of vulnerabilities are prevalent across the IT estate and which patches will provide the most positive impact to your risk position. After automated analysis and modelling, the results are presented through a series of interactive dashboards with metrics, charts and other key performance indicators (KPIs), allowing management teams as well as the c-suite to identify and track risk over time.

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PwC’s Signals

Over the last two and a half years, our Threat Detection team has invested substantially in developing market-leading intellectual property in the form of Tanium 'Signals', with inputs drawn from our dedicated specialist teams who track threat actors and see threat activity in the wild through our global incident response engagements.

Our Signals subscription helps existing Tanium users better identify and manage the risk of cyber attacks in their IT estate. This is in the form of a ruleset which consists of over 850 behavioural indicators of compromise in Tanium Signal format, based on the common behaviours of advanced threat actors. These are aligned to the tactics and techniques documented in the highly regarded MITRE ATT&CK® framework and can be directly imported into Tanium Threat Response.

Our Tanium Threat Response SME's will provide support services throughout the duration of the subscription, to be used for Signal testing, tuning and deployment.

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About Tanium

Tanium offers a unified endpoint management and security platform that is built for the world’s most demanding IT environments. Many of the largest and most sophisticated organizations, including more than half of the Fortune 100, top retailers and financial institutions, and four branches of the US Armed Forces rely on Tanium to make confident decisions, operate efficiently and effectively, and remain resilient against disruption. Tanium ranks 7th on the Forbes list of “Top 100 Private Companies in Cloud Computing” for 2019 and 10th on FORTUNE’s list of the “100 Best Medium Workplaces.”

PwC are uniquely qualified to derive maximum benefit from any Tanium deployment: we have a rich set of bespoke content for Tanium and have won awards for innovation and service excellence from Tanium.

PwC have been awarded the following accolades at Taniums Partner Summit over recent years:

  • PwC Most Innovative Project 2019
  • Advisor of the Year 2019
  • EMEA Partner of the Year 2020

“The Center of Excellence that we work with at PwC is stellar. What we've seen from them from the standpoint of driving ideas and innovation on the Tanium platform, really working hand-in-hand with us, has been exceptional.”

Orion HindawiFounder & Co-CEO, Tanium

Your benefits

Our Cybersecurity team is one of the few truly end to end advisors for Cyber Security challenges, able to address and communicate the challenges and solutions at an executive level and aligning policy, controls, processes, tools and teams to a granular level.

  • Local, onsite resources integrated to the client’s team.
  • A tailored service that is subject to continuous improvement.
  • Wrapping our people and processes around client-owned technologies (i.e., we don’t lock them into a specific technology stack).

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Cybersecurity incidents are becoming the new norm. Let us show you how our Tanium capabilities help you to be better prepared.


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