Cybersecurity and Data Protection

Proactively combatting cyber attacks and risks – safe and savvy: we help you work around the risks.

Building trust to succeed in digital business

Today’s digital advantages also bring challenges. There is a range of considerations crucial for business success such as securing the business environment, and staying compliant with ever-changing security and privacy regulations.

We help you build and protect your business so you have the confidence to take the initiative, transform and thrive in an uncertain but highly rewarding environment. Everything we do revolves around trust. We call it: All Eyes on Trust.

Our clients value the way we combine people, technology and business savvy to support you all the way from strategy to execution and operation.


What we do

Cybersecurity Crisis Simulation

Crisis Simulation will harness you against cyber attacks. We assess your company’s status quo, put your efficiency and communication strategies to the test; we screen the measures you apply, and how you coordinate your protection efforts. Current security breach scenarios will be enacted as if they were actually taking place and assessed when completed. Our crisis simulation will yield specific instructions and training for emergency situations.

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Cyber Attack and Readiness Evaluation

How safe are you in the event of a cyber attack? We assess the protective measures in place as well as your cybersecurity maturity. It will also reveal the risks you are exposed to, where there are gaps in your network, and will alert you to potential cyber risks. Thanks to its modularity, Cyber Attack and Readiness Evaluation is scalable and suitable for any kind of activities.

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Cloud Compliance Monitoring

Comply with the law when you navigate the Cloud. We analyse your data and processes and show you what your options are when it comes to data security and protection, access controls and the identification of breaches. We ensure that you stay on top of your data in the Cloud and meet all the compliance requirements.

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How we collaborate with clients

Strategy and Transformation, Implementation and Operations

Create a roadmap to secure the foundation for your digital transformation. Our highly skilled local and global teams can provide value end to end.

  • Evaluate your security posture thanks to our Cyber Attack and Readiness Evaluation (CARE) suite of services. Learn more
  • Build confidence in your digital future through our ISO 27001 certification services. Learn more

Identity and Access Management

The days of perimeter security are over. In today’s world, identities and access have become the new perimeter. We help you build your digital business around people by getting identity and access management right.


Data Protection, Privacy and Regulatory Compliance

Privacy is at the centre of trust. Identify your crown jewels – the data crucial to the survival and success of your business – and keep it safe. We can help proactively address privacy while adhering to new regulations such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the new Swiss Data Protection Act will increase trust and give you a business advantage.

  • Monitor and demonstrate compliance with the GDPR with our interactive online platform MyDPO. Learn more

Advanced Cyber Defence

An attack on your systems and information will happen. How well prepared are you and do you have the right partners to respond quickly and decisively? We help you identify relevant cyber threats, investigate if your systems have been breached, test your security posture, and counter attacks – an area where Gartner and Forrester regard our incident response and forensics teams as the leader.

Cybersecurity as a service

The growing cost of security and the need to catch up with a lack of investment are big challenges for many organisations. As is attracting and retaining the right talent in today’s challenging security market. PwC’s managed security services help you address both aspects, ensuring that you have access to the right people and solutions whenever you need them, at a plannable and manageable cost.

«Safe and successful: we help you put the best people where they’re needed.»

Wolfgang Schurr, Partner and Leader Cybersecurity and Privacy, PwC Switzerland


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