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Optimise your data assets and capitalise on the business intelligence you already own.

Harness the power of your data

Imagine you had advanced business analytics to predict every interaction with customers, every moving part in your supply chain and every financial transaction. Imagine you could react to events before they happen. This is all possible with the data you already own.

PwC can help turn your company into a data-driven organisation, working with you to define an AI strategy for optimised data analysis and customer interaction. As the power of data and AI is enormous, PwC acts with utmost care to use it responsibly, integrating risk mitigation while translating ethical concerns into algorithms and data sets from the start. You can count on the support of our PwC experts, all the way, all the time.

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The award-winning software facilitating the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS)

Our state-of-the-art insider trading detection solution for AI-based stock exchange market surveillance

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'You already own the data. Harness its power of information to increase efficiency and revenue. Create the culture of a data-driven organisation. Our data and modelling specialists will help you all along your data journey.'

Matthias LeyboldPartner and Data & Analytics Leader, PwC Switzerland

Data analytics is your new superpower



AI strategy, architecture and governance

Your business needs to thrive in an environment driven by customers, competitors, disruptors and regulators. You need to act, and not just react. PwC helps you to define your own digital strategy and roadmap – from AI automation and strategy to a sound data architecture embedded in governance functions that meet all regulatory requirements.




Improved business performance through data analysis

Our data analytics experts screen your processes and customers to open up new revenue streams and create new products. We improve your business performance with the help of data-driven advanced customer insights, predictive forecasts and optimised costs and efficiency. This increases both your top- and bottom-line growth.



Enhanced capabilities through data-driven projects, transformations and remediations

Data are the key to your digital transformation – and each business transformation needs deep data expertise. PwC’s highly experienced data and analytics team provides insights, visualisations and decision support, implements use cases, and helps you build and manage your data-driven platforms. Use our smart tools for smart solutions.



Intelligent automation and conversational AI: focus on your customers

AI-driven chatbots revolutionise customer interaction and experience. Working with you, PwC develops and implements tailor-made chatbots that address all your customers’ questions and needs. We automate your workflows intelligently by augmenting human labour with AI to enhance your business performance and customer satisfaction.



AI and data-driven business models: transform data into knowledge and power

Go one step further by exploring new business models. Our PwC data experts are with you all the way: from ideation and development to proof of concept to use case implementation. Data analytics and AI offer you the tools and insights you need to improve existing processes, market new products and transform the way you do business.


Responsible AI: unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence you can trust

PwC helps you implement responsible AI solutions that meet high ethical standards and that all stakeholders can trust. Making AI explainable and unbiased also enables control, satisfies all parties affected by the algorithmic decision-taking, and complies with the regulation that applies in any particular use case.


Individualised MS therapy thanks to Artificial Intelligence

The world’s first predictive and personalised Software for an effective treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS), on the basis of a high-quality database of patient information.

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Automate your business. Empower your workforce.

You may not be entirely comfortable talking about automation as there are so many technical terms such as, for instance, 'Artificial Intelligence' or 'Robotic Process Automation'. A lack of dedicated automation functions and roles in your organisation, and potentially significant workforce implications, can make automation as an initiative intimidating.

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Data Analytical Applications Store (DAAppS)

Data analytics can help you grow your business, operate effectively, and manage risk. Our data experts have developed applications enabling you to unlock data possibilities for your organisation. These apps shorten the distance between data and actionable insights allowing for strategic decision making, hr analytics, customer analytics, risk & regulatory analytics and smart processing.

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You can count on the support of our PwC experts, all the way, all the time.

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Matthias Leybold

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