Data & Analytics Strategy and Model Optimization

With our business-driven data and analytics strategies and solutions built on a solid data foundation and leveraging AI, you can extract value from your data and make intelligent decisions.

Data and AI have the potential to solve some of the biggest challenges we face as organisations – but also as a society. But value from data will only materialise if analytics insights lead to business outcomes. This means strategy first.

We focus on bringing value from data to our clients. Recently, we helped a global F&B player to design and develop a single point of truth for their finance data to free the finance team from manually mapping excel sheets every reporting cycle and instead focus on higher value-adding tasks. We worked with the client to define their data strategy and designed and implemented a cloud-based data and insight platform that brings together multiple data sources, empowered by strong data governance, and supported by an operating model that considers people, culture, and security.

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Our Data Transformation and Analytics Services and Solutions

We are your one-stop-shop team for digital transformation. Our data analytics teams support you with knowledge, tools, and ready-to-use solutions in all areas of your data ambitions. 

Align your D&A strategy to your individual business needs.

Implement your D&A strategy end-to-end and define the appropriate target operating model (TOM).

Use your data in a governed and compliant way

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Your benefits

Sound D&A strategy 

D&A strategy that puts the customer at the core. Ideation with implementation in mind plus strategic enablers such as the cloud and new ecosystems.

Implementation and testing

The right kind of analytics insights that translate into business results. Implementation and testing of D&A strategy to ensure value creation. 

Strategy optimisation

AI and machine learning models to increase insight and trust. Organisational setup, target operating model, and data delivery model (on premise, cloud, onshore/offshore).

"We enable our clients get value from their data by helping them define, implement and continuously evolve data and analytics strategies with the customer at the core, leveraging AI technology to enable smarter decisions through intuitive, human-centered solutions."

Matthias Leybold, Partner, Data & Analytics Leader, PwC Schweiz

What our client says

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Our Alliances

We are a gold member of the ‘data innovation alliance’, a group of out-of-the-box thinkers and experienced developers who create innovations that change our world. As a leader in developing and implementing D&A strategies that deliver tangible results for our clients, we help companies gain insights from their data. In doing so, we rely on cooperation in the ‘data innovation alliance’s’ interdisciplinary expert network of innovative companies and universities.

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Contact us

Contact us

Matthias Leybold

Matthias Leybold

Partner Cloud & Digital, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 13 96

Joscha Milinski

Joscha Milinski

Partner and Data Strategy & Management Leader, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 23 58

Nina Wolf

Nina Wolf

Senior Manager Data Transformation & Analytics, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 79 193 07 00