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Implement your future with PwC and Microsoft Dynamics 365 

The future is already here – digitalisation is not only changing the way business is done but also your client’s needs. How can you ensure that your organisation responds to these needs and grows with the challenges ahead instead of being left behind? Choose PwC as your trusted transformation Microsoft Dynamics 365 advisory partner to launch your future on the right foot.

Whether it is capturing the first client touch points, automating email campaigns, managing events, building partner and opportunity management capabilities, or enabling sales insights and analytics – with PwC as your strategic consulting partner and Microsoft Dynamics 365, these challenges will lead to an exciting future. 

How is this possible? Let us explain.

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Watch video: Our PwC-powered Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions streamline your operation and boost your sales. They come with an intuitive interface and effective case management processes. Do more than just satisfy your customers with swift case management. Also convert cases into new leads and deliver them straight to your sales team.

Boost efficiency and sales with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Adapt and innovate with a hyperconnected business and give everyone the insights and freedom to evolve by connecting your data, processes, and teams with intelligent business applications.

With the support of the latest cloud capabilities and applications, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a wide range of competitive advantages that can help you to build a hyperconnected business. 11 core modules co-opt with virtually all other modules of the Microsoft universe, facilitating seamless integrations and low-code, customisable solution building.

Combining PwC’s business and process knowledge with a technical focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Sales and Service modules as well as the Microsoft PowerPlatform, PwC can help your organisation to not only withstand but thrive under the harsh conditions of digitalisation and address growing customer needs.

“PwC brings their extensive industry and process knowledge that will enable Dynamics for our mutual customers. PwC has a proven track record in facilitating business transformation for enterprise customers“

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Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 services and solutions

Increase customer demand with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Close more business deals with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Exceed customer expectations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Service

Build E2E solutions by connecting Microsoft apps with a Microsoft PowerPlatform

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Transform with the help of our BXT approach

At PwC, we are working at the intersection of business and technology to create innovations that can really boost your sales, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. This gets possible by combining our business knowledge and user experience with Microsoft’s latest Business Applications technologies – Microsoft Dynamics 365 and PowerPlatform. Such a combination, called BXT, allows us to quickly assess, understand and digitalise your core business processes end-to-end, from the definition of your target operating model to system implementation and support – therefore bringing your CRM capabilities up to speed.

The modern age poses possibilities as well as possible challenges that can seem daunting at first, but we’re here to help. We believe that building a modern solution requires a modern way of working and thus, we developed a philosophy called BXT.

BXT combines three crucial pillars that guide PwC’s way of working:

The needed business knowledge to drive change in organizations

The human-physical-interface required to create an engaging experience

The technological capabilities required to achieve new solutions

With the help of our business strategists, experience designers and technologists, as well as the technological capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365, we have noticed a 20 percent boost in client productivity and three times faster executions of transformations. BXT allows us to break down the barriers to transform your business, focus on the right problem and create your state-of-the-art CRM system. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re here to help.

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"We wanted to develop a systematic market engagement approach that would deliver a targeted and individual end-to-end customer experience across all touchpoints. With PwC, we implemented the user-friendly Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, which enables us to create an immediate impact in the market."

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Webinar: Re-inventing marketing and sales with Microsoft 

Outdated sales and marketing models lead to inefficiencies and opportunity costs that impact your company’s potential. Furthermore, new customer needs and expectations call for marketing and sales excellence across all channels. In our webinar “Re-inventing marketing and sales with Microsoft”, we showed how to make a distinction in your sales by joining your marketing and sales activities in an integrated sales funnel.

If you would like to watch the recording please send a request to Peter Sandor, Manager Technology Consulting, PwC Switzerland.

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Peter Sandor

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